adBTC Earn Money For Watching Websites

If you are searching adBTC earn money for watching websites then you are at the perfect place. adBTC allows you to earn money by watching websites and videos, you can do some other things to make extra points. In this article, I will guide you about a website with good ads price and earn easily that is This is a simple site like others you can use to earn money. But on this site, you’ll get some extra tasks to do to get extra earning methods, like inviting friends, and the most useful affiliate program. So, if you are interested in earning an app then read the full article to know more about it and start using it. Furthermore, you can simply download adBTC Earning App for your phone.

adBTC – Earn Money

adBTC earning app is the best app for earning money online through BTC. This site involves internet advertising which can help you to make BTC and many more. If you are looking for a trusted website for making Bitcoin then adBTC is best for you and you can join it. A large audience is already using it. Basically, this site is related to making money, but you can learn and earn many tasks from this site. Additionally, on this site, you can get many methods to earn Satoshis and Bitcoin, which you later convert to money. There are lots of active users on this site now, and most of the users getting withdrawals. 

How to Earn Money From adBTC?

adBTC Earn Money For Watching Websites

adBTC offers you four different ways by which you can earn Bitcoins. These ways to earn money from adBTC are given below.

  • Faucet

One of them can be their faucet. It sucks, so don’t use it.

  • Autosurfing

It’s a fantastic way, just click that and allow the internet browser to handle the rest. It’s an easy way to make money but only the problem is that there are hardly any advertisements for Autosurfing. It is unlikely that this is going to alter in the near future as it’s been this way for quite a while now.

  • Active Window Surfing

Another way to earn money through adBTC can be “Active windows surfing”. You have to simply click on the ad to open the tab, keep it focused, and then finish the captcha. That is it. It’s not the perfect option because you must keep your eyes on the page which makes it boring. It still pays decently, and usually, you will get about 1 Satoshi per second when you visit their website.

  • Surf Ads

The last option, and the best one, is to look at advertisements. So, you have to click on the advertisement, then wait until the timer stops and you will earn Bitcoin. As I said you will earn lots. It is possible to earn 500+ Satoshis or more using these. Additionally, some ads even give you over 50 Satoshis. You do not have to eye on the advertisement. Simply click it and do your other tasks. The timer will run in the background until you will receive your money. So, it is very simple and is a great way to earn money.

adBTC Key features

adBTC app has lots of features and options for its users. You can simply install the app and enjoy all the features of this app, on your phone. Below are some features of the adBTC, you can check them as an overview.

  • Experience various things for free. 
  • Free withdrawals and options.
  • Get extra security and privacy.
  • Earn BTC and other currencies.
  • Withdraw anytime you need money.

How to Install adBTC?

You can simply download the APK installer and start installing. To install the app, you have to go to file manager and find the required app, which you want to install on your device.

Create an Account

Firstly, you click on the link to create a new account. Then it shows the register form, you need to fill it up and press Sign up.

  • Enter your email
  • Paste your BTC wallet address, if you don’t have one, you can create one on Blockchain info.
  • Enter your password
  • Then you need to verify your email and start to make money

Earn Bitcoin

  • After the Login site, you will see a screen.
  • There are 3 ways you can earn here that are Surf ads, Active window surfing, Autosurfing
  • Every day, you only log in and watch all ads and you will get a lot of satoshis. Furthermore, when you view more ads, your rate will increase and you will get a lot of ads to click


adBTC is one of the greatest sites that pay well. You can see their ads almost without effort since you can just click them and perform other activities while the counter decreases. Unfortunately, their support is not more than their faucet. If they can improve their support and faucet by a significant amount, the rating will improve. Even with these two imperfections, it is worth the time. So, you must try it and earn money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does adBTC work?

Ans: It pays users Bitcoins for visiting sites and viewing some ads.

Q: What is the minimum withdrawal on adBTC?

Ans: The minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 Satoshi on adBTC.