Amaze File Manager APK Download Free for Android

Amaze File Manager APK is an open-source file management tool that allows users to explore all the directories on their Android device, move files and folders, rename documents, copy and paste files, and many more. It is a free utility application for mobile made by developer Team Amaze. Amaze file has all the features that every user needs including a clean, simple, and elegant interface. Furthermore, you can even change the app’s entire color scheme in its options. How to get Amaze file manager? please visit the link below to download Free Amaze File Manager APK for Android and PC.

Download Amaze File Manager APK Free for Android

Amaze File Manager APK Download Free for Android

Besides the basic features, you’d expect from any file manager such as cut, copy, delete, compress, extract, etc, it has some additional features that make working with your files even more accessible. Like many other options in the market like ES file explorer or Cx file explorer, Amaze File Manager APK offers a variety of advanced features that go beyond just simple file management needs. If you want to know more about Amaze Fila Manager then read the full article, because I will provide you with all information about this app in this article.

Amaze File Manager 3.8.5 APK

It is an intuitive, open-source file manager for Android that is totally free and ad-free with no upgrade offers, no popups, and no ads at all. Amaze File Manager APK is a simple but powerful file manager tool. It has multiple features that make it easy to use, which saves you time and enhances your output. Amaze file manager has an easy-to-use interface thanks to its intuitive user interface. Furthermore, it also supports FTP and FTPS servers, providing quick and functional functionality. So, you must download the Amaze File Manager APK to easily organize your files.

App name Amaze File Manager APK
Size Varies with device
Version 3.8.5
Developer Amaze team
Compatible with Android 5 and up
Updated on 03 May 2023
Get it on Google Play

Amaze File Manager Pro Mod APK

It is a productivity app offered by Team Amaze with multiple features. It allows you to organize your files and documents clearly, saving a lot of storage space. Furthermore, it will boost your performance phone’s performance.

●     Easy to Use

This app is much better compared to its category and is much easy to use. So, all users can use it easily and all features are premium and so simple that everyone can easily understand them.

●     Multiple Themes with Cool Icons

This file manager has several themes, switch options, and cool switching features. By using these features, users can make their file manager look better and more attractive.

●     Inbuilt Database Reader

As we know each file manager doesn’t offer other features such as a website reader, zip / RAR reader, APK reader, and text reader. But this amazing file manager is based on these features.

●     Quickly Access History

It helps users to improve cutting, copying, and pasting functionality. So, you can work on multiple tabs at once, and also has sharing tools. So, you can share your integration APK files, videos, and movies. Amaze file manager APK has a creative and easy-to-use design. It has a fast file navigation drawer so that you can make a backup copy of your APKs, save them in memory, and save them to your net pack.

●     Multiple Themes

This app’s users can customize as they want with different themes and cool icon change options so that they can change to dark mode, etc.

●     Open Source

Amaze File Manager is open-source, meaning you can view and edit the source code. This increases the level of transparency and belief in the app. You can see perfectly how your data is being used and can also contribute to improving the application.

●     Light and Smooth

It is highly optimized, making it faster and more responsive. Amaze file uses less battery power, thus saving you a lot of time.

●     Easy Navigation

Its interface is designed to be easy to use and intuitive. It has big buttons that you can use without looking at the screen, and you will never have to guess what you’re supposed to tap next.

●     Works on Multiple Tabs

It allows you to work on multiple tabs, allowing you to manage different files simultaneously. This is highly efficient and allows you to save time, allowing you to focus on other critical tasks.

●     Drag and Drop Gestures

Amaze File Manager uses simple drag-and-drop gestures that use to easily create folders and move files between different places. This simplicity makes it easy and efficient.

●     Supports FTP/FTPS Server

Users can use this application as an FTP or FTPS server, allowing them to easily upload and download files from their phones and helping them manage their files even when they are not on their devices.

How to Use Amaze File Manager?

  • Open the play store on your Android device.
  • Then go to the search box and type Amaze file manager then click the search button.
  • Now press the Install button.
  • You have to wait until downloading is complete, and then automatically app will be installed by the Play store.
  • Press the Amaze icon from home.
  • Now open Amaze File manager APK and use it.
  • You have to set it as home.
  • Then select a different option throw menu.



The Amaze File Manager is an essential app for those who want to manage their files efficiently. It is a powerful and convenient tool that allows users to do more with their files. The app has a variety of amazing features that make it easy to use. So, you must download and enjoy it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I extract files from this file manager?

Ans: You can do all functions like extracting, compressing and APK reader, and text reader with this file explorer.

Q: Can I download it on my Samsung Galaxy j4?

Ans: You can download this app and can enjoy all its features for free of cost.

Q: Is Amaze file manager free?

Ans: It is an intuitive, open-source file manager for Android that is both free and ad-free.