Barwaqt – Loan Money Cash

Barwaqt is an online loan application in Pakistan where users can apply for personal loans up to Rs 100,000 anytime and anywhere.
Barwaqt is an excellent financial service platform in Pakistan. We use big data risk control technology for credit scoring assessment to protect your privacy and provide high-quality online smart credit loan services!
Barwaqt provides complete online money without any mortgage through secure platforms. The installment loan provided by Barwaqt greatly reduces repayment pressures.

Details of the loan are as follows:
1. Term of Loan: 91-180 days
2. Loan Amount: Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 100,000
3. Maximum annual fee rate (APR): 24% per year
4. Terms of Repayment:91-180 days.

An example of a Barwaqt loan:
Charges for the calculation of PKR 6000 for a period of 3 months are as follows:
Monthly markup rate: 24% / 12 = 2%
Total markup: PKR 6000*2%*3=PKR 360
Total Repayment amount: PKR 6000 + PKR 360 = PKR 6360
Monthly payment amount:PKR 6360/3=PKR 2120

Why choose Barwaqt?
1. Loans with low Markup rate
2. Ensure your information security
3. Several methods to receive the loan amount
4. 100% online process without any mortgage
5. Installment repayment eases your debt pressure

How to get a loan?
1. Download Barwaqt from the google play store on your mobile phone.
2. Register with your mobile phone number.
3. Fill in your personal information, take your clear photo, and submit your application.
4. Wait for approval,and disbursement begins.

Loan requirements:
1.Age 18-60 years
2.Pakistani citizen
3.Monthly income

Personal information security:
Your information is only used to verify your personal loan application and we’ll only contact you during the repayment of the loan. We do not share your data with any third party without your consent. Your data is completely safe.

How to contact us?
Address: Plot # 360, Street # 5, Sector I-9/3 Islamabad
Helpline number: 051-111686868
Corporate Name: SeedCred Financial Services Limited (Corporate Unique Identification No.0177236)