Castify v11.973 MOD APK Download (Premium Unlocked)

Castify v11.973 apk is a streaming application by which users can cast a video, images, and movies onto a bigger screen. This is the best application for Android users who want to listen to music or watch movies on a bigger screen. Castify v11.973 is an amazing application for connecting your media with any bigger screen like a TV, Chromecast, or Roku in order to enjoy the media. It doesn’t change the quality or destroy the quality of the media.

As most of the videos or images played are mostly in jpg, png, MP4, and MP3 from different sources like Mobile files, Web browsers, and Samba. So, the application cast the videos, movies, or images in the original quality of the media without destroying them. Additionally, Castify v11.973 also offers a Window Block function to control harmful websites. The application also has a History section where you can review your videos even without an internet connection.

The interphase of the application is not complicated so every person can use it with ease. The application is compatible with almost all sources and plays videos on the device very smoothly and clearly without distortion. The application will also let the users not only stream videos or other media but they can play files in different formats supported by the program as well.

Castify v11.973 Screen Shots

Castify v11.973 APK Key Features

Castify v11.973 is an outstanding streaming application where users can easily cast their smartphones with other browsers to enjoy bigger screens. The application has some amazing features which are the source of its popularity on the Google Play store. Let us examine these advanced features of the app.

Direct Video Streaming

The application is an advanced casting application by which users can cast their videos directly from a browser to their home TV, Chromecast, or any other bigger screen. The browser of the website will lead its users to the websites they are searching and after search navigation, the application will automatically cast the videos to the browser.

Downloading the media

Castify v11.973 will also offer its users the to download pre-videos and you can also use videos from your smartphone to stream to your TV. The users will be able to download the videos, movies, and other media of their liking and make a Cast TV for Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TVC, etc.

Programs Supported Formats

The users of this application will also be able to play videos, music, or movies in different formats supported by the programs. They don’t have to struggle anymore searching the suitable and correct files to stream. The programs of the application provide every convenience to make it easy for the users for casting files.

Safety and Protection of files

Castify v11.973 is also popular among many users because of its security features. The app doesn’t reveal the personal information of its users and protects them. Besides that, it provides extra protection and security because the application doesn’t save any file information or viewing history.

Ad Blocker

This premium version of the application has another amazing feature in that it stops different ads that appear while playing the media files. The application immediately stops all the ads that irritate the users.

Advanced Streaming Application

Castify v11.973 is the best casting application so far to stream media files from the smartphone to another browser. Another amazing feature of the application is that, if the users have Roku then they can stream videos, images, and movies even if they are not near the device. The users will have a remote control feature with Roku.

Suitable with most TVs

The application is optimized in such a brilliant way that it enables its users to use the program smoothly on the majority of current TVs. However, some videos or music may not play on the Fire TV. But other than that, DLNA-enabled TVs such as LG, Samsung, Phillips, and others work smoothly and fine with smartphones.

Easy to Use

Other than the amazing features of the application, the program is very easy to use making it easy and convenient for the users to stream their videos and make memorable moments of their life.


Is the premium version of Castify safe?

The application is completely safe and secures to use. The application doesn’t leak any personal information of the users because of its advanced techniques.

Do I have to pay to use the version?

The users of the Castify application don’t have to pay to use the application because the application is completely free. Just download and enjoy casting your devices.

Can I download this version for iOS?

The apk file is only for Android devices so IOs users will not be able to download and use this Version.