Duolingo v5.98.4 MOD APK Download (Premium, All Unlocked)

Duolingo v5.98.4 apk is a language-learning application where you will be able to learn different languages to improve your comprehension. If you want to learn any language but don’t know any perfect application to learn then Duolingo is the best application. The application has more than 35 languages that the users of the application will be able to learn. The application has funny short exercises that will help the users to learn the language and have fun. Learning languages with this application is very easy because it provides complete guidance related to a particular language. The application also teaches its users vocabulary and grammar to help them quickly understand it and speak frequently. The application has fast learning ways by which the users will be able to understand and learn the language quickly. The users will also be able to speak and hear their chosen language in the application. Moreover, there are many exercises that will help the users to practice. The users will also be able to track their progress and make themselves aware of their knowledge. The users of this application will also be able to learn new words and improve their vocabulary as the application has almost a dictionary of modern and new words.

Duolingo v5.98.4: Language Learning App

Duolingo v5.98.4 APK Key Features

The application has a lot of outstanding features which attract people to use this app. The features of this application are explained below.

Numerous Unlocked Courses

One of the basic reasons for the popularity of this application is its unlocked feature. The people who use this apk version don’t have to pay for the paid subscription for learning languages. Because all the courses are unlocked permanently by default in this application.

Advanced Learning Features

People who want to learn different language abilities must have to choose this application. Through the sessions that include a range of subjects, you will spend time developing your talent. You will also be able to recall the information that you previously forget or neglected.

35+ Different Languages

The application has different languages that will let the users decide which language they want to learn. The users will be able to learn Spanish, French, German, Urdu, Korean, Hindi, and many other languages.

Amazing Diversity in Lectures

The application has created a diverse arrangement of lessons for the convenience of its users. The sequence of lectures of the application is arranged like a tree with all the lessons arranged one by one. Users will easily start their classes of learning the languages without worrying about where to start. The application will guide them quickly and help them understand everything.

Offline Lectures Access

The application also has a feature of learning offline. Users of the application will also be able to save any lecture and watch them online anywhere and anytime. This facility for offline learning is one of the best features of the application.

Ads Free Application

Another amazing feature of this version of the application is that it is ads-free that are disabled by default. Users don’t have to download any other app to block or remove ads. It can be done automatically within the system of the application.

Short-sized Fun Exercises

The application has an outstanding feature of bite-sized exercises that users can enjoy and learn at the same time. These exercises have a kick of fun with work that will let you practice your learning as well as enjoy completing the exercise considering them as a game task.

Easy to use

The layout of the application is created in a very simple way to provide full comfort and convenience to the users. People don’t have to struggle while searching for any language or in the learning procedure because everything is provided in a sequence.


Is this Version safe to install?

The application is completely safe to install. It does not have any virus that will affect the system of your smartphone.

Do I need to root my device to install it?

The application is created with advanced techniques so there is no need to root the device specially. The application will be installed on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

What are the main uses of the version?

This premium version is completed for free with all the features unlocked. All the lessons are arranged in sequence with full guidance.