Framaroot APK Download for Android New Version 2023

Framaroot APK for Android is a one-click root app to install SU binary on your Android phone and devices. Framaroot APK one-click rooting for Android devices can help you gain root access without a PC or computer within a matter of seconds. Android rooting has become popular amongst smartphone enthusiasts. Rooting the Android smartphone is advised by almost everyone in the Android development space to normal users. Rooting is the best way to achieve the most productivity out of your Android smartphone. So, you can download & install Framaroot APK for Android New Version 2023. Now Framaroot is available for Android 12 on this page.


App Name Framaroot APK
Publisher Framaroot
Latest Version 1.9.3
Category Tools
Size 1.25MB
Requirement Android 1.5 and above
Get it on Google Play


Framaroot APK Screen Shots

Framaroot latest APK

You might have heard about apps that allow you to root your device. You can get administrative and root access to the smartphone by rooting the device. Rooting is known for unlocking the device to gain access to system files and features. But Framaroot is one of the best apps to root Android phones in one click. Most people are looking to download the Framaroot  APK, they can root their phones in one click. As this app is not available in the play store so I will give you all details of Framaroot and how to download it, in this article.

Root APK for Android 11

To install SuperUser and SU binaries on your Android phone or tablet, use the Framaroot apk for Android. Framaroot is a free Android app that can root almost every device in one click without any need for a PC.  Furthermore, it has its own complex uses which vary from device to device according to its chipset model and latest version. In newer versions of Framaroot, you can unroot your Android phone. Also, it can root many devices without a computer or PC. You can check those devices’ names in Framaroot-supported devices lists. So, let’s look at the Framaroot APK.

Framaroot Latest Pro APK Features

Framaroot APK is an app with a large volume of features to root Android devices. Some of the key features are given below.

Framaroot without Computer

You might go through countless guides for rooting Android devices. The method of rooting your Android device is very difficult by using a computer. Many people break to root the device and end up with a bricked device. There is no need for a computer with Framaroot APK’s latest version. As we know, this is a one-click root app. All you have to do is to open the app and click on available actions to root the device.

Framaroot-SuperUser Installation

The SuperUser is the tool that is used to manage the root permissions. It is important to manage the apps that have root permissions, once you get root access to your device. You have to allow or deny the app when the apps ask for root permissions. With the SU Binary, it is easier to perform. The Framaroot latest version APK 2022 installs the SU Binary files and the SuperUser app on your device too. Normally, you would have to non-automatically flash the SU binary file and then install the app on your smartphone. The whole process becomes automatic if you use Framaroot APK latest version downloaded for Android.

On-screen instructions

Even beginners find it difficult to use one-click rooting apps. But that is not the same case with the Framaroot app for Android. When you open the app you will get detailed instructions for rooting the device. You have to do is to open the app and read the instructions, choose the exploit from the options, and start the rooting procedure. If the device is adaptable with Framaroot APK, then it will automatically start rooting. In short, there is no need to worry about it as the app always shows the on-screen instructions for you to follow.

Unrooting the Device-Framaroot

Nonautomatic android rooting is a restless and complex procedure. But the Framaroot APK latest version has made it easier. Rooting the device automatically voids the guarantee, which is not acceptable for many users. To hold the warranty, it is important to unroot the device before presenting it to the customer service desk. Once you have completed the rooting then you can unroot the device with one click. You will see the option only if you have rooted the device using the Framaroot app.

Framaroot Free & Safe

We have heard that rooting is not a safe procedure, and due to this most Android smartphone manufacturers prevent users from rooting their devices. However, there are no such issues reported with the Framaroot APK for Android. You do not have to worry a little about having any issues while rooting the device. This app is 100% safe to use on compatible devices.

What is New in the Latest Framaroot APK?

  • You can root Android devices automatically with a One-click root.
  • You can root or unroot your mobile.
  • Easy installation of SuperSU will be available.
  • You can check the Root status after rooting.
  • You can secure the root and cancel the root if harmful.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Frama-root is a great app for rooting the device in one click. This app uses action scripts, which automatically root the device within a minimum time. Even though rooting is considered a risky process, Framaroot APK is helping people to root their devices without any risk. So, download Framaroot APK for Android New Version 2023.


How to install Framaroot on my phone?

 First download the Framaroot APK file, then click on the downloaded file and tap the Install button.

 Is It Safe to Install Framaroot via APK File?

It is totally safe to install an app via an APK file. All apps on our sites are fully tested, which ensures they are fully safe and secure

Will I lose data if I update the Framaroot app?

Updating this app through an APK  file will not make you lose any data.

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