GoTube v4.2.60.005 MOD APK Download (Premium, Graphics, Color)

GoTube v4.2.60.005 APK allows you to watch videos on YouTube. It is a top-notch program with advanced ad-blocking features that allow users to freely browse or view any video, including ones that are stored in YouTube’s database. GoTube enables you to play music while using other apps or with the screen off of your mobile. Giving the app access to overlay on top of others is a pretty delicate permission that must be granted in order to enable this option.

You can select the resolution from 240p to 2160p, the quality from 360p to 720p, 1080p to 1440p and 2160p, help subtitles, change the speed level from 0.25x to 3x, disable ads, enable replaying, constitute the video fit the screen, send to the Chromecast, speed up the silent portion of videos, or access the video in a browser or the official YouTube app. Videos are the one thing that it doesn’t download.

GoTube’s graphical user interface is complex and adaptable, allowing viewers to freely browse any content inside the program, whether that be highlighted videos or individual hobbies. When you first start the app, users will see five tabs at the top: Popular, Musical Arts, Movies, Gaming, and Exclusive Content. You might find the most well-liked articles in every one of them. Another advantage GoTube has over competitors is the ability to access your YouTube account and control your own channel.

GoTube APK Screen Shots

GoTube v4.2.60.005 APK Features

Gotube APK has many extraordinary features for users. Some of the amazing features of the GoTube app are the following.

Discover New Content

The system’s integrated filter is excellent as well as smart in terms of supporting consumers in finding any content or limiting their searches to certain videos.


With the integration of the option to play audio, whether outside of the interface or playing in a pop-up mode, GoTube has made watching movies easier and more pleasant. Users may customize the window’s design and view many films undisturbed at once, which helps consumers take in additional information or material.

Enhance Experience

GoTube’s smart and adaptable user interface allows users to freely discover anything in the software, whether it be highlighted movies or personal preferences, which is its primary benefit. People may flexibly customize the way they look and feel and discover wonderful things while taking in a variety of information, depending on their preferences.

Ad-Free Experience

The application’s outstanding ad-blocking functionality makes it the handiest for uninterrupted video viewing. Naturally, it instantly disables all user monitoring software and prevents adverts from appearing while viewing movies rather than adding 2-3 at once.

Personlize the Playlist

Through a few easy steps, such as sorting or following others, users may instantly personalize all of their playlists on GoTube. The user’s library will vary depending on their personality, and they may even sign in to a personal account to synchronize all of their data.

Use with Full Security

Despite sharing the same data with YouTube, the application’s whole functionality and data are still secure and provide users with a variety of extensions. Autoplay, significant adjustments to how they interact with the system, and even further customization are all included in this.

Autoplay Mode

Users who wish to view films in complete comfort and without interruption while enjoying their favorite videos can use GoTube. Additionally appropriate for background music playback in autoplay mode, it even enables users to view numerous videos simultaneously in pop-up windows.

Genuine Interface

Users may quickly engage with every video on the homepage because of its amazing features incorporated within a true, current design. So don’t hesitate to download the GoTube APK if you’re seeking for video-watching software that competes with YouTube but offers more capabilities.