Hogwarts Mystery Mod APK v5.0.4

Hogwarts Mystery is one of the most-played adventure games on Android, which has millions of users worldwide. The whole plot of Hogwarts Mystery is based on events and information from the book or television show. Players will now take on the role of the protagonist in their own narrative as they explore their environment, have fun as students, and perform various spells. Additionally, there will always be a number of minigames or notable Hogwarts events to add variety to the gameplay or user experience.

The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has chosen YOU to enroll! In this brand-new role-playing game set in the wizarding world years before Harry Potter received his Hogwarts letter, you may go on your own journey.

App NameHogwarts Mystery
PublisherJam City, Inc.
Mod InfoMega Menu, Unlimited Energy/Coins
Get it OnGoogle Play

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Hogwarts Mystery APK Features

Hogwarts Mystery game has the following extraordinary features.

Magic Spell

You have possession of potions and magic spells. To learn and perfect magical abilities like casting spells and making potions, we must go to courses. As we progress through Hogwarts’ history, discover new people, spells, drinks, and locations. Additionally, our student avatars may be changed.

Start a New School Life As a Fisherman

The flexibility to enjoy student life in many ways in Hogwarts Mystery. That entails making friends, forming connections, and receiving special treatment at one of the four illustrious houses in the dorms. Additionally, the player may experience fortune or misfortune from them depending on how they handle each difficulty in their life.

People are free to pursue their specializations, such as creating, becoming a witch, or becoming an alchemist, while they are students at this institution. Prior to that, students were also required to regularly participate in classes or other activities in order to learn new information. Players may conveniently make use of all the potential and excellence that the institution has to offer while they are here after meeting certain requirements.

Magic Courses

When Hogwarts can meet various requirements or information, it is a location of promise and an open future for pupils. Each sort of magic has a variety of rich applications depending on the player’s orientation, thus the school will have several distinct magic schools for everyone. The spells or stuff of a similar nature, such as casting techniques or prerequisites, are the most fascinating. Players may enjoy and master a wide variety of spells in Hogwarts Mystery to raise their degree of proficiency.

Explore the School

In books and television shows, Hogwarts is a complex setting with a lot of frightening things hidden underneath. Students are allowed to walk about the campus, however, there are many interesting places where there is no access. That increases the intrigue and makes it possible for individuals to continuously learn or unearth the mysteries concealed by the school’s secrets. As players investigate, other story components will also become apparent, diversifying the greatness and complexity of each mystery. They can also join in several activities, make friends with other pupils, and develop connections.

Lots of Rewards in Various Activities

In addition to the beneficial activities of the school, the witches will also have to fight and protect the school from countless enemies or other forces. As time passes or as everyone’s story unfolds, numerous new forces or circumstances will appear, enhancing the life of the globe. Of course, the role of a witch will offer many new doors for gamers to become renowned characters if everyone successfully completes those elements.

Magnificent Visuals

With its high-quality visuals and immersive experience, Hogwarts Mystery will be elevated to a new level. This also has an impact on the character’s look, battle outcomes, spells, and more, giving everyone a sense of role-playing. In addition, the surroundings and Hogwarts radiate a lovely beauty and alter things frequently to improve the ambiance.


One of the best games in terms of gameplay that is deep, lively, rich, and full of potential is Hogwarts Mystery. Everyone who enrolls in this school will have the chance to develop into the four families’ or the community’s most brilliant and exceptional wizards through their superior abilities or performances in a variety of situations or events.


What is the maximum in Hogwarts mystery?

Hogwarts Legacy has a level cap of 40.

Does house matter in Hogwarts mystery?

In Hogwarts, there are four houses you may join. Even while each home is distinct, it’s important to keep in mind that, aside from one main goal, much of what you’ll come across will be the same no matter which house you choose.

How long does it take to finish Hogwarts mystery?

If you concentrate mostly on the plot, Hogwarts Legacy should take you between 30 and 35 hours to complete.

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