How to Add Snapchat Widget to Lock Screen iPhone

In this article, we’ll attempt to explain to you how to add Snapchat widgets to your lock screen iPhone. In recent years, Snapchat has seen massive change. The program no longer functions and looks the way it used to due to frequent upgrades. Even if you’re a regular user of Snapchat, it might be challenging to keep up with the changes Snap, the company that created the app, is making to it. How to Add Snapchat Widget to Lock Screen iPhone? Please follow the steps.

How to Add Snapchat widget to Home screen

Snapchat is a well-known messaging program that lets users share Snaps, that vanished after viewing. Its main functions are to shoot pictures or videos, apply filters, and record videos. Despite this, it is marketed as a “new sort of camera.” You will get to know about the widgets and how to add the widgets of Snapchat to your iPhone lock screen in this article. So read this article to the end to learn about this exciting new feature.

Snapchat Widgets on iPhone screen

One of the outstanding features of iOS 16 is its customization options and interactive widgets for the Lock Screen. While more apps are actively striving to offer them, many apps have already incorporated support for iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets. But Snapchat, a popular instant messaging service app has already made many widgets for the iPhone lock screen.

You may add widgets above and below the digital clock on the Lock Screen by selecting them from a variety of third-party and native apps. But Snapchat is one of the newest apps to make it simple to share photos or start a chat with someone you frequently connect with. We’ll describe the new Snapchat widgets in this article and show you how to add them to your iPhone’s lock screen.

How to Add Snapchat Widget to Lock Screen iPhone

Snapchat widgets that you can add to your lock screen

The addition of Snap widgets is definitely an excellent one because it reduces the need to first open your iPhone, run Snapchat, then search for the required option in order to begin snapping or chatting with your bestie. So these widgets are the great invention of the time being.

How to add Snapchat widget to lock screen iOS 16

If you’re a regular Snapchat user, you can instantly shoot and share photos with an individual or group with just one press thanks to Snapchat’s new Lock Screen widgets. The three types of Snapchat widgets that are now accessible are Birthday, Camera, and Pin a Friend or Group. These three widgets are

  • Camera Widget: If you frequently want to take pictures with your unlocked iPhone, this widget can be placed on your lock screen. This is the best feature where you don’t have to open Snapchat and then send a snap.
  • Pin a Friend or Group Widget: You can keep a shortcut to your best friend, the person or group you connect with the most on Snapchat, by using the Pin a Friend or Group widgets. There are two sizes for this widget i.e circular and rectangular.

There is one more widget that iPhone users can add to their lock screen but this widget can only be added on the upper widget box of the lock screen. It is,

  • Birthday Widget: This widget can be added to the widget box above the Lock Screen clock. It displays the upcoming birthdays of any of your Snapchat friends.

How to add Snapchat Widgets to your lock screen

If you’re trying to add a Snapchat widget to your iPhone lock screen but are having trouble finding one. Don’t worry, these steps show how to add Snapchat widgets to the iOS 16 Lock Screen. But the following needs to be in order before you can add the Snapchat widget on your iPhone’s Lock Screen:

  1. iOS 16 or newer has been updated to your iPhone.
  2. Your iPhone is set up with the most recent version of the Snapchat application.
  3. You are signed into your Snapchat account and have used Snapchat at least once.

Now let’s take a look at how to add Snapchat widgets to your lock screen. It is not difficult to add Snapchat widgets if you follow all the steps exactly.

  •  First of all, unlock your phone but do not go to the home screen.
  •  Long press anywhere on your screen to avoid the home screen.
  • When your long-press the screen, the edited mode of your phone opens.
  • Tap on the customize button and then select the Snapchat widget.

Snapchat widget not showing up iPhone Lock Screen

The Snapchat allows the addition of widgets on both boxes i.e above the lock screen clock and below the lock screen clock.

Snapchat widgets addition below the lock screen clock

Take a look at the steps to add Snapchat widgets below the lock screen clock.

Step 01: Click on the widget box below the lock screen clock. Different application widgets appear, scroll and select the Snapchat widget.

Step 02: There are 4 widgets of Snapchat i.e 2 are of Camera and the other 2 are of Pin a friend or group. Select and customize them according to your choice.  Add them by dragging them to the widget box or adding them directly by clicking.

Step 03: If you are satisfied with the result, click on the done button and now you can see widgets below your lock screen clock.

Snapchat widgets addition above the lock screen clock

It is exactly the same way as adding a widget below the lock screen clock but only Snapchat offers to add a widget above the lock screen clock. And only one widget of Snapchat which is the Birthday widget can add above the Snapchat widget.

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Select the Birthday Widget of Snapchat and add it by selecting it or dragging it. Tap on the done button when you are satisfied.


Here are some questions that some people normally ask. Take a look at these questions.

Q 01: Can you add widgets to the Lock Screen of the iPhone?

Ans: Long press your screen and click on the customize button. Then you can add widgets on your lock screen.

Q 02: Can you display the widget on the Lock Screen?

Ans: It’s very simple to display widgets on your iPhone lock screen. It is the best feature that ever happened to iPhones.

Final Thoughts

There are many applications that offer widgets but Snapchat is still number one. It provides different widgets that you can use while your mobile is locked. These widgets are camera, pin a friend or group, and birthday as I discussed earlier. iPhone users can use them anytime after applying. If you still have any confusion don’t hesitate to ask.