How to Block Pop-Up Ads on Chrome Android

If you are looking for how to block pop-up ads on Chrome Android, then congratulations! You are in the right place. The terrible pop-up ads which we continue to see everywhere in the browse, despite the fact that nobody requests them and nobody likes them. Even worse, pop-up commercials on Android frequently take up your entire screen, slowly load pages, and feature a difficult-to-locate “leave” button. Therefore, in addition to being annoying, they are also very disturbing. Fortunately, figuring out how to stop pop-up advertisements on Android doesn’t require being a rocket scientist. Here is a quick tutorial on how to permanently disable pop-up advertisements on Android devices in Chrome. So read this article to the end to know how to block these terrible pop-up ads.

How To Stop Pop-Up Ads On Android Phone Home Screen?

How to Block Pop-Up Ads on Chrome Android

Blocking pop-up ads is not difficult. If you are an android or any phone user you need to download an ad blocker. But most Android phones come with Chrome as their default browser, and you can prevent pop-ups in Chrome’s settings. Follow the instructions below to make this setting active.

Step 01: First of all, open chrome on your android phone. After opening Chrome, click on the “More” button, and after that tap on “Settings”.

Step 02: After selecting the settings option click on “Site Settings” and after that select, the option saying “Pop-ups and Redirect”. Now switch the pop-us and redirect to block them. After blocking the pop-ups by this default chrome option, you will see “Block sites from showing pop-ups and redirects (Recommended).

Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker Chrome Window

This is how you can stop or block pop-ups from your chrome android but some of the ads are aggressive so they don’t get blocked by the chrome default option. And if you want to block these aggressive ads then don’t worry. You can also block them by using firefox or you can also add extensions like “”. This is the best way to block those ads which do not stop by the chrome default option.

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However, first try to block by your chrome’s default option and if some ads don’t block then you can use third-party applications to block the pop-up ads.


In this article, I have provided you with all the information that you need to know about how to block pop-up ads in chrome android. After reading this blog post you will easily understand. If you have any other queries even after reading this article, then don’t hesitate to ask us any time.