How to Leave a Group Chat on iPhone 2023

Sometimes your iPhone group chats get crazy, and you end up in a condition where you need to leave the group. If you’re searching for how to leave a group chat on your iPhone, keep reading as I will tell you through all the steps. Group chats on iPhones are very cheap, they allow you to have several conversations with different people simultaneously and make it easier to continue a discussion as new participants join. But when you may find yourself wanting to leave a group chat that won’t let you do so, for whatever reason. If you’re wondering how to leave a group chat on your iPhone then read the full article.

How to Leave a Group Chat on iPhone iOS 15

How to Leave a Group Chat on iPhone

What are Group Chats?

Group conversations/chats are a convenient method to connect, but they may quickly become overburdened if there are more than two or three persons involved. It is easy to become overwhelmed if you’re receiving notifications for each new chat. So, you can disable notifications, but this isn’t a full solution. If you are expecting a critical message from anyone outside the group then leaving group messages on an iPhone is easy and simple. 

How to Leave a Group Chat on iPhone?

Apple’s Messages app has two types of group chats one is an iMessage group and another SMS/MMS. When all the people in the group are Apple users, your group will be filled with blue iMessage speech bubbles. If even one member of the group chat uses an Android phone then speech bubbles will be green. So, there’s more, SMS/MMS groups don’t give you an option to leave because they are not actually instant messaging. These messages pass through your carrier over a custom protocol.

It is possible to leave a group chat, but only when if everyone else in that group is also using Apple devices.  So, if you can’t leave, then one or more users are not using Apple devices and don’t have iMessage enabled. If everyone is using iMessage then you can leave by 

  • Open the group chat in messages.
  • Tap the group icon and name at the top of your thread to open it.
  • Then press Leave this Conversation to exit from a particular chat room entirely and confirm that you would like everyone else in that communication to be notified about leaving them.

Mute Group Chat Without Leaving on iPhone

If you’re in a noisy group chat and you want peace/silence for a period, but you don’t want to leave it, you do have the option to mute it.

  • In messaging app, open the group chat.
  • Tap the group icon or the group name at the top of the group chat.
  • To Hide Alert scroll down and toggle the switch on.

Muting the thread will not prevent the badge from appearing on your home screen, you can also swipe left on a group message thread and tap the Alerts button. Next to your chat’s name, this will add a crescent moon icon to indicate it is muted. When you’re ready to activate the group, swipe left on the thread and press the Alerts button again.

how to send a text message in a group?

To leave a group text message, tap the message. At the thread’s top, tap the group icons. Tap Leave this Conversation by swiping down.

How to Remove Someone from a Group Chat?

Here is how you remove someone from a group chat.

  1. iMessage app, open the group chat in question.
  2. Click on the cluster of icons at the top of the iMessage group.
  3. Tap the ‘i’ (appears on the right) to open the list of group members.
  4. Swipe left on the name of the person who you want to remove and press ‘Remove’ when it shows to the right. If you can’t ‘Remove’, see the above disclaimer.
  5. Select Remove when the pop-up displays.

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How to Leave a Group Text on iPhone iOS 16?

Here’s how to leave a group chat on iPhone 16 if every member of the chat is using an Apple device.

  • Open the Messages app.
  • Tap the group text from you want to exit.
  • Click the top header of the conversation, where the Messages profiles are. 
  • Then Press “Leave this Conversation”.
  • To make sure, tap Leave this Conversation again.
  • Click Done. 
  • You will now no longer be able to text in the group chat and you will no longer receive notifications. However, the previous conversations will remain on your phone until you delete them.
  • It also will alert every other member in the group that you have left the group message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When a group chat is greyed out, how leave a group chat in such a situation?

Ans. A three-person iMessage chat can only be ended by adding another member to the group and making it a four-person conversation. Then you are free to leave. 

Q: On iPhone iOS 15, how do I send a group message?

Ans. To leave a message, open the messages app and open the group you want to leave. To access the settings panel, click the group icons at the top. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Leave this Conversation by clicking the X.