How to See Spotify Festival

With 2022 coming to a close, many music lovers are looking for how to see your Spotify Wrapped playlist. Spotify Wrapped is incontestably the most anticipated music-sharing social media event of the year. So, at the end of the year, the audio streamer compiles the most listened-to songs, top artists, genres, and mob casts that listeners listen to that year. The feature has evolved over the years, becoming more sharable on social media sites with a new addition like describing your audio mood. So, music lovers find their Spotify Wrapped for 2022. Learn how to see your Spotify Wrapped for 2022, also the Spotify festival lineup you have seen all over social media.

How to See Spotify Festival Live

How to See Spotify Festival

Instafest Spotify App

Insta Fest has gone viral in recent days, the app that allows people to imagine what the poster of a personal music festival would be like if it were made from the likes on their Spotify account. To do this, of course, the person has given the Instafest application permission to their Spotify account to ‘read’ their most listened-to playlists and songs. Insta-fest has become popular because of the fact that it allows people to show their musical tastes and compare them with those of others. This platform creates a poster with three dates, very similar to what happens at events such as Lollapalooza, Stereo Picnic, Coachella, or other similar ones.

What does your Spotify Wrapped show you?

Spotify Wrapped shows you several of your listening habits of the year. It usually includes

  • Your top artists.
  • Your top songs.
  • Your top genres and the number of genres you listened to.
  • The amount of time you have spent listening to music on Spotify.
  • The number of new artists you have discovered.
  • The number of countries in which your music has been played.

How to see Spotify wrapped 2022 again

Previously, Spotify also included fun features like your Audio mood and what top percentage of listeners you are for an artist. Now, Spotify includes “Your Audio Day” which includes descriptions of your listening habits in the morning, afternoon, and night.

How to See Spotify Fest 2022?

Step 1: On a browser on your PC, or mobile phone, go to the Instafest Web Application.

Step 2: Sign in with Spotify.

Step 3: Here either enter your login details or log in through Google, Facebook, etc.

Step 4: Tap on Agree to sure that you have agreed to the T&Cs and allow the app access to your personal information on Spotify.

You can select to customize your festival line-up by clicking on the Customize option. You can select here, from 4 weeks, 6 months, and all time.  Choose the option to hide your username from the festival poster if you want to. Now you can download, save, and share your festival poster.

Make an Instafest Spotify Festival

You will need an active Spotify account in order to use Insta-fest. If you do not currently have a Spotify account, you might sign up for free. However, because Instafest takes a look at your listening data, you will need to use the streaming app for a while before it can make a festival.

The steps are given below, You can be followed them on either a smartphone or a computer.

Step 1: Go to the Insta-fest app and select Sign in with Spotify.

Step 2: Here enter your Spotify login information and then select Login.

Step 3: Review the privacy information that comes and select Agree.

Step 4: See your personalized lineup and customize it by scrolling down and selecting any of the options under the Customize heading. You can change the artists on the lineup based on your listening habits from the past four weeks, six weeks, etc, most-listened artists. Furthermore, you can also change the style of the graphic and hide your Spotify username if you want.

Step 5: Select Save and share the festival graphic at the bottom.

Step 6: Select either Download or Share. It saves the image if you are using the app on a computer. If you want to save the image to your camera roll on a smartphone, then select Share > Save Image.

How to Create Your Own Spotify Festival Lineup?

The process for creating your own festival lineup is pretty simple, just you have to follow the given steps.

  • Go to the Insta-fest website.
  • Now click the green button that allows you to log in with Spotify.
  • Log in to your Spotify account.
  • There, Instafest will do the rest of the work to priest a lineup of artists that is specific to your taste as a music fan.

If you see the initial lineup does not seem totally accurate, there are a few things you can do to modify it. First, Instafest can drag your preferred artists from the last four weeks, the last six months, or your complete history. Changing that setting will also affect how long your festival lasts, and will of course change who the headliners and featured artists on the program are.

You can also adjust your poster styles, which are Twilight, Malibu Sunrise, and Mojave Dusk. After your username, Insta-fest will automatically name your festival, but it does have the option to hide your username if you would like to share your festival with the public, but don’t want people to pry on your Spotify account.

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Q: How do I find my Spotify festival?

Ans: Open Spotify on your phone. A prompt to see your Wrapped will visible from the home page of the app.

Q: Is Spotify Instafest a real festival?
Ans: Spotify Instafest is a fake festival that will go on for 3-days.

Q: How does Spotify Instafest work?
Ans: Instafest will include 36 of your best musicians, with your favorite performers headlining.