How to Unsend Message on iOS 15

The guide about how to Unsend Message on iOS 15 is given in this article. So, if you want to know how unsend or edit messages on your iPhone then it is the right place for you. In the Messages app, you can unsend or edit messages, giving you the opportunity to fix a typo or hold back a message that you accidentally sent to an unwanted person. So, your recipient sees that you unsent a message and your edit history. Please follow the steps You can undo a recently sent message for up to two minutes after sending it.

How to Unsend Sent Message on iOs 15?

How to Unsend Message

Following these steps to Unsend that extremely cringe text. You will need to do this within 15 minutes after sending it.

  • In the Messages app, find the chat and the text you want to unsend. Press it long.
  • In the pop-up menu, tap Undo Send.
  • The text is deleted from the chat and replaced by a message stating that you unsent a message.
  • This process also removes any notifications that viewed the unsent text. So, as far as the recipient didn’t see the message or its preview, they won’t know what you sent.

Edit a Text Message on iPhone 

You can edit a text message within 15 minutes of sending it. Here’s what to do:

  • In the Messages app, find the chat and the text you want to unsend. Press it long.
  • In the pop-up menu, tap Edit.
  • The text displays in the text-entry area. Make the changes that you need.
  • Tap the blue tickmark, and the edited text will be sent.
  • Edited texts show an “edited” notification just lower them.

Limits to Unsending and Editing Messages

There are four important things to know about Unsending and editing messages on an iPhone.

  1. Unending and editing work only if you and the recipient use the messages app on iOS. But these don’t work in other texting apps 
  2. You must have running iOS 16 or up.
  3. Your recipient must also be using iOS 16 and up. You can edit or unsend the messages on your phone if they are not, but they will still see the original.
  4. You can only edit/unsend messages for the first 15 minutes after you send the text. After 15 minutes, these options may not available.

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How to unsend Messages on an iPhone iOS 16?

The iOS 16 update has brought many new features to the iPhone series., with a particular focus on making the Messages app more available to users. One of the advanced features that have finally come to the Messages app is the ability to unsend an iMessage. This is different from deleting an iMessage in iOS 15, as unsending an iMessage that the recipient will not be notified of the message until they have not updated their software.

It’s important to note that you will need to make sure you unsend your iMessage within two minutes of sending the message, otherwise the option might not available. Following is the simplest way to unsend an iMessage using iOS 16.

The Short Version is

  • Click on Messages.
  • Then click on a contact.
  • Click on the text box.
  • Type out a message and .click to send.
  • Hold down on the sent message.
  • Then press Undo Send.

How to edit a sent message on iOS 16?

If you want to edit a sent message then there is no need to worry. The new iMessage editing feature in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 can be available.

Simply long-press on the sent message on iPhone or iPad or right-click on Mac and wait for the options menu to appear, just like with the Undo Send feature above. After that time you have to edit it. Tap this and then you can able to interact with the text in the message.

Highlight the word or words that you want to edit, replace them with what you meant to say, and the text will be corrected. Finally, there will be a notification under the bubble that says Delivered Edited. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Unsend a text on iPhone iOS 15?

Ans: You can undo a recently sent message for up to two minutes after sending it. 

Q: Does iOS 15.5 allow to deletion of messages?

Ans: You can now edit and delete iMessages that you have already sent

Q: Does Apple have an Unsend feature?

Ans: You can Unsend a recently sent message for up to two minutes after sending it in Apple.