Jazz Internet Setting Code 2024

In this topic, we will discuss the Jazz internet setting code. I can claim it is quite better for your internet setting if you use Android Mobile. Among all the mobile networks in Pakistan, Jazz is playing a prominent role in providing reliable communication services to its users. Sometimes, due to a glitch, the net speed becomes very slow, which causes a lot of trouble and frustration for Jazz customers for a moment. Now you don’t need to worry. Jazz has also found a solution for its users.You can also read Jazz Weekly Internet Package 10 GB the information is here.

Jazz internet setting code for Android

  • Follow these steps to manually configure Mobilink internet settings on your Android phone:
  • Jazz WAP Settings
  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Wireless & Networks.
  • Select mobile networks.
  • Tap Access Point Names.
  • Press the menu key.
  • Choose a new APN.
Jazz internet setting code

Enter the following setting

Alternate APNjazzwap.mobilinkworld.com
Login name<blank>
Wap Gateway IP or Proxy Server Address172.024.097.029
Port (if required)8080
Connection typehttp
MCC (by default)410
MNC (whatever is there by default)
Jazz internet setting

Leave all other fields blank or at their default settings.

Jazz Internet GPRS/EDGE Settings

  • Go to Settings.
  • Press Wireless & Networks.
  • Head to Mobile Networks.
  • Tap Access Point Names.
  • Press the menu key.
  • Select New APN.

Enter the following setting

APN for Prepaidjazzconnect.mobilinkworld.com
APN for Mobilink Postpaidconnect.mobilinkworld.com
Login name<blank>
Gateway IP / Proxy Server Address172.24.97.29
Port (if required)8080
Connection typehttp
Jazz 4G internet setting code.

Leave all other fields blank or at their default settings.

Jazz Internet Setting 4G

As one of the largest telecom networks in Pakistan at this time, Jazz understands the importance of internet connectivity. Jazz Company, to ease the difficulties of its customers, offers various packages to meet their needs.You can read monthly Call Package in100 rupees information is here.

Jazz 4G internet setting code

 Jazz internet setting code-free, you can use the following codes:

Send “GPRS” to 7342 to activate data packages.

Prepaid customers can dial *442# for data packages.

Postpaid customers can dial *443# for data packages.

GPRS settings are automatically sent the first time you insert a Jazz SIM into your handset.

For those who prefer codes, here are some handy ones.

Jazz internet setting code: Samsung

Enable Jazz 4G Internet on your mobile by dialing *443*7#.

Jazz Internet Setting SMS Code for Android

You can get your Internet activated in Jazz via SMS. Send “GPRS” to 7342 and get data packages activated. Prepaid customers can dial *442# for data packages. Postpaid customers can dial *443# for data packages.

Daily internet code

Subscribe *114*1#

Unsubscribe *114*1*4#

Weekly internet code

Subscribe *114*7#

Unsubscribe *114*7*4#

Monthly internet code

Subscribe *114*30#

Unsubscribe *114*30*4#

3-day internet bundle code

Subscribe *114*8#

Unsubscribe *114*8*4#

Late-night internet code

Subscribe *114*2#

Unsubscribe *114*2*4#

Daily social bundle code

Subscribe *114*5# (fee: 5 RS, validity: 24 hours)

Unsubscribe *114*5*4#

By following these simple steps and codes, you can optimize your Jazz internet setting code and enjoy a seamless and high-speed internet experience. Stay connected with Jazz, Pakistan’s leading telecom network.

How do I set up my internet settings?

Open your phone’s Settings app.

Tap on Network & Internet.

If not found, use the search function or seek assistance from your device manufacturer.

At the bottom, tap Network Preferences.

Choose an option, as options may vary based on your phone and Android version..

How do I get 4G settings?

Open “Settings” on your phone.

Tap on “More.”.

Select “mobile network.”.

Tap on “Preferred network type.”.

Choose “4G/3G/2G (auto)”.

How do I activate 4G Jazz?

Dial *583# for free activation of 4G services. If you only want to activate 4G, then automatic 2G and 3G activation will be taken care of.

What is the IP address of Jazz 4G?

Access the device portal by connecting to someone’s Wi-Fi or connecting to the device itself.

Go to http://jazz.wifi or via a google or browser.

Dial USSD to retrieve the necessary information.