MT Manager Mod APK Download v3.0.16 (VIP Unlocked)

MT Manager is a flexible tool that makes it easy to handle files or the complete structure of the device, including copying and manipulating folders. The most striking feature is its built-in editor’s capacity to interfere with programs while also making it easy to alter apk files. When handling files just on mobile devices, the program is a great option for coders as well. The functionalities that are required are all present in this application. Including ad blocking, battery optimizations, CPU optimizations, and more! Once you install this modified version of your preferred MT Manager program, you may make use of the extra advantages that result from this change.

Additionally, you may use this program as a general-purpose file manager to easily conduct operations like copying and rearranging files. Users can avoid having the Android device’s default file manager show while they use MT Manager. As a result, this program offers users a variety of strong interactive tools and features that are much more appropriate than typical. All of the files on your device may be effectively reorganized and managed.

App NameMT Manager APK
PublisherMT Manager
Mod InfoVIP Unlocked
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MT Manager App Screen Shots

MT Manager APK Key Features

There are the following features of the MT Manager app.

Innovative and Friendly Interface

The user interface of MT Manager has a contemporary and stylish look, but it is also approachable and close so that users can rapidly become familiar with all of its key features. Additionally, user interactions are carefully optimized, and it offers a variety of exciting hand motions to increase productivity. Of course, there are many alternatives available to alter the appearance, such as dark mode or extensive layout modification for maximum comfort.

Manage Information Files

MT Manager may entirely replace the device’s built-in file manager and enable users to interact with a variety of files, programs, and multimedia. Additionally, it has several additional features, such as the ability to organize or create customized shortcuts, to make handling files easier and more comfortable. The file management functions are comprehensive, properly optimized, and include numerous cutting-edge features that are missing from the default file managers.

Design Structure of APK Files

With MT Manager, you may directly alter or create the structure of apk files and programs on your mobile device. If you had previously believed that it was solely for programmers using cutting-edge equipment, think again. With native keyboard support, programmers can manage it effortlessly.

File Editor for Coder

The integration of a program editor into MT Manager, which allows users to directly deal with or alter the structure of apk apps, is its most outstanding feature. Editing appears to only be for experienced programmers so the application will have many essential features for complete flexibility. Particularly, the editor is first-rate, intelligent, and contemporary, with a distinct keyboard for each coder to ensure the best possible experience.

Automatic data backup

This is incredibly helpful since we can refer to it or go back and update the structure in the original code. MT Manager is aware of that. This MT Manager allows you to backup to the cache with the complete structure that you have previously modified. That allows you to easily locate prior iterations or go back to the original state.

Scan and Organize the Memory

Using the system’s built-in scanner, users may check the reliability of individual files or find out how much RAM is available. It’s a useful feature that can operate with external memory cards, and it then presents the user with a list of all the scan findings for them to examine or analyze. They can quickly locate and delete the majority of system files that are concealed thanks to the thorough and precise display.

Built-in AI for Running Program

The program has a “run” feature to verify everything once the user designs or modifies the contents of the apk files. Users are able to securely save all structures as a consequence before completing the modification process. By doing so, the format will also be automatically changed, or the file’s contents will be converted back to the original format.


What is the use of MT Manager APK?

You may use MT Manager, a robust file manager and app editor, to manage files, change software, translate apps, edit text, and do a variety of other tasks on your phone.

Does MT Manager require root?

To use all of its functionality, root permissions are necessary.

How do I change my APK name in MT Manager?

Right-clicking on your project, pick “Refactor,” choose “Rename,” and then enter the file’s name. APK file renaming will occur.

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