Download My Little Jellymon MOD APK 271 (Unlimited Money)

My Little Jellymon is an amazing cute game where the creatures named Jellymons are the main characters of the game. These cute little bouncy, square-sharped creatures called Jellymons are available for you to play with them. You can explore the whole world of Jellymons and have a great experience in this fantasy world. The Jellymons do adventures in the game and when they complete an incident, they will be rewarded with gifts that can help them further in My Little Jellymon. Well, after any adventure the Jellymons become tired. So, the players have to feed them candies so they can cover their health and become active again to play their next adventures.

The players will be able to meet other creatures and make friends in My Little Jellymon. This game doesn’t have any harsh violence, it isn’t an action game. This is a very soft game in which bubbly appearance creatures called Jellymons do adventures and win rewards. The players of My Little Jellymon will also be able to win unexpected mini-rewards by playing other short games available in My Little Jellymon. All the Jellymons are different and the players will also be able to upgrade the houses of these cute little creatures by opening the treasure chest. Let us look more at this interesting game in detail.

App NameMy Little Jellymon
PublisherGoblin Gamer Company Ltd
Size54.21 MB
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
Latest Versionv271
Get it OnGoogle Play

My Little Jellymon: Breeding Game

My Little Jellymon Key Features

The amazing features of My Little Jellymon which are the reason for its popularity and selling points are discussed in this article. These amazing features are listed beneath.

Breeding Game

My Little Jellymon is basically a casual reproduction game where the players have to breed cute little bouncy appearance creatures named Jellymons. Players will get unexpected rewards in the game as they head towards different adventures. These adventures are very interesting and cool where the Jellymons face hurdles and complete the tasks.

Collect Treasure

My Little Jellymon has an island where the treasure is hidden. This treasure can be used to enrich and upgrade the houses of Jellymons. But this island has many different Jellymon. The task of the players is to lead their Jellymon on that island and help them make new friends and collect the treasure. The whole task is adventures in which the Jellymos meet new friends and upgrade their houses.

Looking after Jellymons

Looking after the Jellymons is a necessary thing for the players. After the adventures, the Jellymons will be worn out, they need energy to do further adventure tasks. The players will have to feed them candies to give them energy. They have to look after them when they are tired or sick.

Play Minigames

Players of My Little Jellymon will also be able to play minigames available in My Little Jellymonto and earn mini rewards. These unexpected mini-rewards will help them in the game.

Different Missions

The game provides the users with different missions that they can perform in the game. They will be able to win coins by completing these missions.

New Map

The players are given different adventurous tasks to win the rewards. Once they lead to the island, collect the treasure, and find all the Jelymons hidden on the island. They will unlock the new map, which gives them another adventurous task to perform.


What is Jellymons?

Jellymons are cute, little creatures that have a square-shaped bouncy appearance.

What is the latest version of My Little Jellymon?

The latest version of My Little Jellymon is v271.

Is it free to use this application?

The application doesn’t require money from the pocket of its users. The players can play this game completely free.

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