PowerDirector v12.0.0 MOD APK Download (Premium Unlocked)

PowerDirector is an advanced professional video editing tool that transforms videos amazingly. Presently, editing is not a big deal, you don’t have to be a professional to edit your pictures. An amateur beginner can also edit videos with the help of advanced techniques and editing applications with just a few taps in no time. With the help of PowerDirector, users can edit their short vlogs, and videos, and make them look stunning. The users of this application can manage and set the brightness and saturation of their videos, they can also edit the speed of their videos. The fever of video editing is increasing day by day and people don’t have to spend money from their pockets to edit and enhance their videos. PowerDirector provides its users with countless effects and features to make stunning videos like Pro. Users can add more than two videos at a time to make a unique layout. The application also provides its users with thousands of video templates to use or they can also watch them and make a unique design according to their liking by taking an idea from the templates. Moreover, the application also offers its users beautiful fonts and titles to make an impressive and worth-watching opening of their videos.

PowerDirector: Advance Video Editor

PowerDirector v12.0.0 APK Key Features

PowerDirector is an advanced video editing application with premium unlock amazing features. The application has a lot of key features that are a source of its popularity among people around the world. Following are the amazing features of PowerDirector.

Adjustable Brightness Effects

The application has amazing brightness-controlling features by which users can edit the appearance of the videos. If the videos are too dull, then you can increase the brightness of your videos and if the brightness is very high then you can also lower the brightness. Users of this application will also be able to set the saturation of the video according to their liking.

Unlimited Video Templates

PowerDirector has countless video templates for the convenience of its users. The users of this application will be able to use these templates and turn their videos outstanding and stunning like a Pro. Besides that, users will also be able to just take an idea from these templates and edit the videos according to their choice.

Background Editing Functions

The application will also let the users edit and enhance their background using the features of this application. The users will be able to add any background of their choice or simply edit the original background of their videos with the help of numerous outstanding features.

Animated Titles

The application also has an amazing feature of titles which is a great help for the users of this application. The application will let the users take advantage of different animated titles at the beginning of their videos and make the opening of their videos eye-catching to gain attention from the people.

Ads Free Access

This is the best feature so far because, in many other editing applications, users have to face a lot of ads that interrupt their editing procedure. But in PowerDirector, the users don’t have to get troubled by such things because the application is totally ad-free.

Tons of Editing Tools

The application has a lot of tools for editing videos. Users can use all the tools free of cost to enhance their videos and make them look worth watching like a professional. The application also has some professional editing tools for editing pictures on bigger screens like computers. You can use video blending features, add more layers, and many other exciting features.

Time Controlling Effects

The application also offers its users to manage and set the time of their videos according to their liking. If they want to make a fast forward video then they can set it with the help of effects with just one tap. And they will also be able to slow down their videos.


What is the purpose of PowerDirector APK?

The application is a professional editing tool by which users can enhance the quality of their videos, edit the like a Pro, and share videos.

Is this version safe to use?

The application is created with advanced techniques and methods therefore it is free from viruses or other threats. That’s why users don’t have to worry about safety.

Does this version of the application need an Internet Connection?

An internet connection is a must if you want to complete your work smoothly and quickly, However, you can also use it without the internet but you have to activate the features in the internet connection.