Remote Chat Support Jobs Part-Time From Home

Remote chat support jobs involve providing customer service or support through a chat application. If you want to part-time work from home without spending all day on the phone, then you can do remote online chat jobs that don’t require a phone at all. Job duties in this online job vary gradually depending on the type of support that you provide. So, a Chat support job is a customer service that works to answer questions and help customers with basic troubleshooting, ordering products or services, or technical issues. You can perform your responsibilities remotely using a virtual chat app. 1000 plus Remote Chat Support Jobs Part-Time From Home are now available. See detailed job requirements, compensation, duration, employer history, & apply today.

If you are unable to assist the client, you refer them to other employees. Furthermore, Remote chat agents can work for a single employer or different companies on a freelance basis. If you want to work from home without spending all day on the phone then read the full article.

Part-time Remote chat Support jobs work from home

Remote Chat Support Jobs Part-Time From Home

There is more flexibility that comes with working from home. When you work remotely, you can skip long commutes, wear gym clothes all day, and spend much of your time with your family.

289 Chat Support Jobs

Furthermore, you can get more done at home. So, if you want to work from home, doing something you enjoy, look for remote chat jobs.

Top Responsibilities of a Chat Representative

Online customer service works require that you be able to communicate professionally using perfect grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Some chat agent jobs do require particular knowledge of the business you’re supporting and the chat platform. As you’re researching online chat jobs, look for companies that provide training and don’t require any experience.

All you may need to be an online chat agent is a reliable internet connection, a computer, and possibly a phone and headset depending on the position.

Following are the responsibilities of Chat representatives.

  • Answering customer queries. 
  • Fixing customer problems.
  • Proactive engagement.
  • Co-browse with web visitors.
  • Provide meaningful conversations via soft skills.
  • Upsell and cross-sell. 
  • Identify and report common pain points. 
  • Set and meet expectations.

What are the skills required for chat support?

Skills required for remote chat support jobs are given below.

  • Apply strong communication skills.
  • Find the right tone of voice.
  • Keep things personal.
  • Understand your limits.
  • Set yourself up for success.
  • Know your priorities.
  • Take advantage of AI.
  • Lead with empathy.

Places to Find Online Chat Agent Jobs 

Most reputable companies offer online jobs for chat agents. You might need particular knowledge to work for tech companies, while others may only require excellent client service skills and an internet connection.

  • Accolade Support

It hires customer service agents that work as independent contractors. They have the flexibility to select which hours they want to work and It’s not clear what the pay is or how many hours are required per week.

Here are the technical requirements for these jobs.

  • A headset
  • A PC with Windows 7 to 10 
  • Best internet connection
  • Technical support skills
  • Apple

It answers questions and provides online chat support to Apple clients. Apple provides an iMac and headset to its at-home advisors. You may need internet access and a quiet place to work. 

To succeed in this job, it helps to have some experience with Apple products including iPhones and iPads, but it’s not required. Apple provides training on the technical aspects of the updated Apple products and on the Apple approach to client service.

  • Asurion

Ausion is a phone insurance company that hires customer service agents to work from home to help clients process claims and answer technical questions. Employees earn $13.50 an hour starting out. 


  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Ability to work nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Six months of experience in customer service
  • Ability to pass a background check/ drug test

You also need to have a quiet working place and high-speed internet. 

  • Amazon

Amazon employs remote workers as Customer Service Associates. Amazon offers $15 an hour plus advantages for work-from-home customer service employees.

Customer service associates at Amazon can require to communicate with customers in a variety of different ways, by phone, email, and chat. It’s a fast-paced environment that expects a strong customer focus.

  • Uber

It hires Community Support Representatives throughout the world to solve customer problems via phone, email, and chat. To job at Uber, you should be able to show empathy for riders and drivers. Uber is searching for support representatives with better written and verbal communication skills.

You should require to work evening or weekend shifts when support demand is high. Uber prefers to hire support employees with a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Communications, English, or Journalism, but a degree isn’t required.

  • Arise

Arise hires independent work-at-home chat representatives to serve its clients’ chat needs. As a chat agent, you’ll provide real-time support and balancing to customers.

You can work for a variety of companies that hire Arise to supply them with experienced chat agents. Arise connects you with companies, but you work as an independent contractor so you have more flexibility in the jobs you expect. 

  • Best Buy

It hires full-time client service and customer support agents to troubleshoot customer problems via phone and chat. Sometimes you may respond to customers through social media platforms or the Best Buy forum. Customer issues may be technical problems, questions about their local store, or issues with item delivery. Service agents should be comfortable speaking to clients over the phone and via chat. Best Buy customer support agents should be able to work a flexible schedule, such as evenings and weekends. Beat buy prefers to hire agents who have experience working with and troubleshooting consumer electronics.

  • Concentrix

Contentrix is currently hiring in 35 states for remote customer support roles. To work with Concentrix, you’ll need a computer, a safe workspace, and a better internet connection. Specific customers may have additional requirements. It employs both full-time and part-time workers, and you may work a maximum of 40 hours per week. You’ll agree on your schedule when you are hired.

  • The Chat Shop

Live Chat Agents represent Chat Shop customers across the world. The Chat Shop offers training to agents, but you need to be a native English speaker with excellent grammar and typing skills. Currently, it’s just hiring in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas. The Chat Shop agents normally work 20 to 40 hours a week from home. But the new agents need to provide equipment for their home office setup, including dual monitors and hard-wired internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is chat support work?

Ans: It is a common method of customer service that offers assistance to customers via messaging app or online chatbot.

Q: How do I become a chat operator?

Ans: Most companies would like you to have customer service experience, the best typing skills, and at least a high school diploma. Review the job’s requirements to see which one you qualify for and apply.

Q: How does data entry work?

Ans: Data entry work is one of the easiest jobs. You have to convert or type the data from one format to another.