Smart Launcher v6.2 b025 MOD APK (Unlimited Version)

Smart Launcher v6.2 b025 is an amazing source of improvement for Andriod devices. The launcher is a great way to enhance how users interact with their default home screens or the operating systems of their devices. This new application comes up with many smart features where the basic function of this launcher is that it provides numerous unique icons to its users for their smartphone’s front screen to enhance the beauty. the users will be able to experience the process of new and exciting features if they have downloaded this launcher to their devices. These features will help you get access to the information on your device.

This launcher continuously enhances the system of the smartphone and evolves the settings, especially the shrinking of the search area as users add any information to the search bar. Smart Launcher v6.2 b025 doesn’t completely remove all the old features, they are still in use but the new features will soon take place. Furthermore, this new version provides easy and quick redirection and connection to Google Search. With the help of this launcher, the application’s features will be arranged in alphabetical order on the main screen to give a neat look. Smart Launcher v6.2 b025’s wide range of customization options, which ensure to provide every user has the facilities they require for the best experience are its greatest selling points.

App NameSmart Launcher 6
PublisherSmart Laucher Team
Size18.06 MB
Latest Versionv6.2 b025
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked, extra
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Smart Launcher v6.2 b025

Smart Launcher v6.2 b025 Key Features

The main features that are the main source of its selling point are described below. These are the reasons why Smart Launcher v6.2 b025 is used by a numerous amount of people.

Enhance Uasge Methods

One of the amazing features of Smart Launcher v6.2 b025 is that it gradually improves the layout of your smartphone’s main screen. Because the launcher is able to edit everything on the device. The launcher will arrange all the applications in small categories making it easy for the users to find any application they want to use. Moreover, the search bar is also enhanced where users can do anything and get the results in a few seconds.

Display most of the features

Smart Launcher v6.2 b025 is a smart application that aided the users by displaying all the features on the main in a very cleanest way providing quick access to every application to the users. Most of the features are located on the home screen where users can make changes anytime.

Colors and Themes Access

People who have downloaded this smart launcher on their devices will also be able to edit their icons and screen layout with different colors and themes. The original icons of the application will be edited and arranged according to your choice with the help of their amazing Smart Launcher v6.2 b025. You can also be able to change the font and screen layout with the amazing theme by downloading them to make an attractive interphase.

Wide Range of Wallpapers

Other than themes, this launcher can also provide a wide range of wallpapers that the users can apply according to their choice. The fantastic wallpapers help your screens to look vivid and eye-catching. This launcher also provides 3D wallpapers to provide a realistic effect to the home screen as well as the lock screen. And you will be able to alter them any time.

Complete Security Access

Smart Launcher v6.2 b025 also provides complete security and privacy to its users. Their personal data and information will be completely saved and also protects from other users who have access to it. The launcher automatically arranges the applications, which means the application you want to hide from others will be saved and not get exposed.

Notifications and Fidgets

The application provides different fidgets like a clock, weather, and timer that will help by updating about the weather, time, or date. Besides, it also manages the notification bar where you can see all the notifications even if the phone is locked. You don’t have to specially open the phone to see the messages because the pop-up bar will show them clearly.


Is Smart Launcher free?

Smart Launcher 6 is free to use. This is the fastest free launcher to customize your smartphone.

Is it for Andriod or IOs?

This launcher is only for Android devices. So, IOs users will not be able to access this application.

What is the latest version of Smart Launcher 6?

The latest version of Smart Launcher 6 is v6.2 b025.

How do I switch to Smart Launcher?

After downloading the app, go to mobile settings, then apps, and then manage apps. Here look for the smart launcher and make changes.