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Smash Hit is an amazing arcade game that is popular all around the world. This game is best if you are having a boring time and don’t have anything to do. There are different levels in the game that players have to win one by one. But these levels are not easy. The game requires the attention and focus of the users because as they win the level, the new levels become more difficult and challenging. But the skills of the players will make them face all the hurdles and win the game. Smash Hit is the best game for those who like hyper games. As the name indicates that the players have to smash to win.

The gameplay is very interesting where the users were given balls for every little success i.e. collecting the diamonds. They have to be aware of the upcoming hurdles on the way and smash the mirrors as well to protect themselves from losing and save their balls. The interphase of Smash Hit looks realistic that takes the users to an arcade world. The graphics are well-designed and everything is created with complete details so that the users also enjoy the layout while playing the game. The sound of smashing the glass obstacles looks so real that makes the players more excited about the game.

NameSmash Hit
Size75.7 MB
MOD InfoPremium, Unlimited Balls
Latest Versionv1.4.3
Get it OnGoogle Play

Smash Hit: Another Dimension Journey

Key Features of Smash Hit

This outstanding application that lands the players into a dimensional world where they have to face challenges and hurdles to win the game is popular around the world because of its amazing and cool features that are mentioned beneath.

Simple Controlling System

To play this game, the users don’t have to struggle with the control system. They can throw the balls on the glass obstacles simply by touching the screen. Overall, the players just have to touch the screen in order to collect the diamonds and smash the glass obstacles or other hurdles. But the only thing they need to have is focus to hit the ball in the right place.

Enabled Checkpoints

The game also has enabled checkpoints where you can resume your game anytime for your convenience. If you feel like losing and resume the game for a moment you can simply resume the video. The whole history will be safe and you don’t have to restart the game after resuming. Start the game form where you stop any time without losing any ball.

Exciting Levels

The game has different levels and all of them have their different challenging scale. The levels become difficult and challenging as the players complete them. The hurdles become more difficult and unique which makes the game looks more exciting and thrilling.

3D Graphic Effects

The game is designed in a very unique and beautiful way with outstanding graphics. The gameplay looks like another dimensional world that gives a very cool vibe. Every level is very uniquely designed and created with details.

Cool Sound Effects

Other than amazing graphics, the application also has a wonderful sound system which makes the excitement level of the user high. The sound of breaking glass obstacles and other hurdles looks realistic. Such cool features of the game force the users to play this game again and again.

Best Demolition Physics

The glass obstacle-breaking gameplay looks realistic of the excellent destruction physics. As the ball hit the glass, it shatters into pieces just like the glass break in real life. Moreover, its sound also looks real because of the amazing creation of the game.

Numerous rooms

The game has different rooms and all of them have their unique designs. The players have to enter each room one by one to win the game. But the game becomes difficult and Room 3 because the speed of the game becomes faster after every level and difficult for the players. They have to maintain their focus to protect themselves from hurdles and win the level to enter another room.


Can I play this game on Andriod?

Android users will be able to play this game without any difficulty.

Is this game Multiplayer?

Smash Hit is a multiplayer game where users can also play with their friends.

What is the new version of Smash Hit?

The latest version of Smash Hit is v1.4.3.

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