Telenor eSIM Price in Pakistan 2024: PTA Approved

Telenor eSIM Price in Pakistan is Rs.1000 only. At this time, Telenor is the foremost company in Pakistan, continuously innovating to enhance the esteemed customer experience. Telenor is a pioneer in the rapidly evolving telecommunications  landscape. Set to revolutionize the way we communicate and communicate In this article, we will review the details of Telenor’s eSIM offering on the future of telecommunication in Pakistan and let you know what it costs in Pakistan.

Telenor eSIM Price in Pakistan

Telenor eSIM Price in Pakistan: Pta Approved

In the past, plastic SIM cards often caused signal loss and weak connections. The most important reason is that Telenor introduced it, which is a subscriber identity module embedded in the mobile phone. Unlike the traditional SIM card, the eSIM is integrated directly into the device, eliminating the need for a physical card and providing hassle-free connectivity, ensuring both prepaid and postpaid customers in Pakistan who have prepaid and postpaid can easily buy the Telenor eSIM in Pakistan for Rs. 1000 only.

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Telenor eSIM Price in Pakistan

You can buy Telenor eSIM only for Rs. 1000, even if both prepaid and postpaid are available in Pakistan, but you can buy it at the same price. Getting an eSIM is quick and hassle-free, and you will avoid most of the hassles.

Looking Toward the Future

Engineers are working hard to launch Telenor’s eSIM in Pakistan. Telenor’s vision for the future emphasizes its commitment to advancing technology and connecting its users. Telenor continues to introduce the latest innovations in the telecommunications and leadership landscape to enhance its experience.

Telenor eSIM price

While an official price for the Telenor name has not been announced, insiders say the price should be set to match the telecom network based on similar offers from rivals such as Telenor. The expected Telenor eSIM Price in Pakistan is between 800 and 1000 Pakistani rupees, which makes it affordable and ensures that users can enjoy the benefits of eSIM technology without breaking the bank at the same price as eSIM in Pakistan. is valid for The price is pegged to the price of the Jazz; the price has not been officially announced yet.

How to get Telenor eSIM Online

Getting a Telenor eSIM online is a breeze! Simply browse through the available prepaid eSIM data packages, ensuring they are compatible with the reliable and high-quality Telenor network.

Telenor eSIM QR code

Step 1: Ensure Device Compatibility

First, you have to confirm whether your smartphone supports eSIM technology or not, then get your eSIM QR code.

Step 2: Select Your Carrier

Choose your desired carrier for the eSIM service.

Step 3: Access the carrier’s website

Visit the website of your chosen career to initiate the eSIM activation process.

Step 4: Generate a QR Code

Apply your personal QR code to the carrier’s online platform.

Step 6: Add eSIM

Follow the instructions provided to add the eSIM to your device.

Step 7: Restart the device

After adding the eSIM, restart your device to complete the activation process.


As you know, Telenor is preparing to launch its ESM in Pakistan. Pakistan is committed to keeping you updated with the latest updates. Every article is updated promptly to reflect the latest developments from Telenor and other telecom networks. Get the most out of exciting new technology by getting the information you need. The Telenor eSIM price in Pakistan is only Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000.


What is the price of eSIM in Pakistan?

The charges for eSIM are Rs. 2,000, excluding standard number charges.

How can I get an eSIM for Telenor?

Acquiring a Telenor eSIM online is a straightforward process. Simply browse through the available prepaid eSIM data packages and select one that suits your needs. Ensure that the data package is compatible with Telenor’s reliable and high-quality network.

What is the cost of eSIM?

International eSIMs are available at a starting price of only Rs. 849, offered by Matrix.

How much does eSIM cost?

The entry-level eSIM Card plan starts at $4 per week, providing 1 GB of global data. If you are doing emergency work and need more data, you can opt for a 3GB plan that costs $12 per month, with 12 more 5GB and 10GB plan options. The price is exactly $19 and $34 per month for users with high data usage. The 20GB plan is available for $60 per month, as you can easily manage the price.

Is eSIM cheaper than SIM?

Conversely, obtaining a traditional SIM card entails a physical purchase, typically incurring a nominal fee. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning that eSIM-compatible devices often come with a slightly higher price tag compared to their traditional counterparts, potentially impacting the initial overall cost.