Uber App Download Free for Android Mobile

Uber app is a Smartphone app that connects passengers to drivers with cars for hire. It is the official ride-sharing app. Furthermore, Uber is one of the most renowned ride-sharing apps in these modern days. Despite it being day or night you may order a fast and reliable ride within minutes from this easily usable app. It avoids you from waiting for a ride at either a taxi stand or a bus stand. Just open your Uber app and click to easily ask for a ride. The complete ride ordering process is easy and the payment is much easier with a credit or cash system. To get more information about this app, read the full article because it provides you with all the necessary detail about this app.

Uber App Download APK Latest Version

Uber App Download Free for Android Mobile

Now Uber app is one of the most renowned ride-sharing apps. Uber provides easy-to-use and reliable services. Furthermore, it offers access to its car hire service. In many countries, Uber is not only limited to car rides, but users can also hire from a chopper to a humble bike depending on their area.

Download Uber App for Android

Name Uber app
Version 4.450.10001
Size 134 MB
Compatible with Android 7.0
Updated on 1 Day Ago

Uber Driver App Download

Uber all started in 2008 with the founding of Uber discussing the future of technology at a conference. By 2010, Uber was officially released in San Francisco. While the founders of Uber focused on attracting drivers and riders simultaneously. In the beginning, Uber extended its application through word of mouth, hosting events and sponsoring high-tech, and giving participants of the events free rides with your application.

Features of the Uber App

●     Real-time Details

Whether you want a loved one to know where you are, or keep friends informed about how late you’ll be, this feature shares every detail of your journey. Tap “Send Status” after you swipe up in the Uber app and you can then select a name in your contact lists. They will receive a link enabling them to follow your trip as they go. Furthermore, They will receive the driver’s name, photo, and vehicle details as well.

●     Uber (Split Fares)

It is easy to formulate who owes what by tapping “Split Fare”. You can select up to three other riders from your contacts, or add their phone numbers. Then they each get a text confirming the split and, once they agree, are charged the right amount.

●     Scheduled Rides

You can use Uber to arrange your rides up to 30 days in advance. If you want to make any changes, that’s easy to do. And you will receive a notification your ride is on its route to set your mind at rest.

●     Calendar Shortcuts

You can use the Calendar Events feature in your Uber app. This connects your phone calendar to the app. Any address you add to the meeting will appear as a “Shortcut”, so you don’t have to add the information again when you book a ride. It’s one of the small-scale things in life that help make you more organized.

●     Share your trip

When you use the Uber app, you can make sure your friends and family always know where you are with this Uber function. Furthermore, you can also select up to 5 trusted people who will receive your trip data whenever you use the Send Status function.

●     Multiple destinations

The Multiple destination features allow you to easily pick up your friends on the way out and then drop them home again without any hassle. For this, when you go to enter your ride destination, just click the + symbol next to the destination section to add extra destinations. In addition, you can add, change or remove your stops once you’re on the go using the app.


How do install/Download Ube App on Android?

 1: Turn on your smartphone, tablet, or computer and look for the Google Play Store program and click it to open it.

 2: Click the search box at the top of the screen, and type “uber”.

 3: You will see a result show up named Uber, Tap that.

4: At the new screen, click Install.

 5: On an Android device, you will notify of what parts of your phone the Uber app might need access to in order to function properly. Just click Accept.

 6: The Uber app will automatically start downloading and installing. When it completes, tap Open to use it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I start a trip with Uber?

Ans: To start a trip in Uber you have to choose your origin and destination. You can also plan your trips ahead by adding a future date/time.

Q: How much does Uber charge?

Ans: Uber charges a fixed fee by distance or time of a trip that varies in each country. You can check your trip’s cost before booking it.

Q: How do I share my Uber ride?

Ans: To share your Uber ride, select the Share my trip option that appears next to the arrival time and choose the contact you want to share it with.