WhatsApp Plus APK 2023 Download Latest Version

WhatsApp plus APK is one of the best mods of the original Whatsapp which is currently available on the internet. WhatsApp plus APK is here for you to download on your phone. This amazing mod of Whatsapp is for those people who want more features in their chatting app. Furthermore, you will also love to use those features on your android device when you download WhatsApp Plus latest version. So, it is a very well-known Whatsapp mod. In this Whatsapp, you get almost full control over privacy and security just like in OG WhatsApp. Thus, you can customize the complete interface, styling, and much more in this Whatsapp mod. To know more about WhatsApp Plus, kindly read this article till the end. Download WhatsApp Plus 2023 APK Anti-Ban Latest Version For Android 2023 from given below direct link.

WhatsApp Plus 2023 APK Download Anti-Ban Latest version

WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest Version

WhatsApp plus APK is one of the best mods of the original Whatsapp which is currently available on the internet. It is a similar app functioning exactly like Whatsapp. And it was launched in the market in 2012.

Whatsapp Plus APK Update

App Name Whatsapp Plus
Latest version 19.45.7
Size 53MB
Requirement Android 5.0 and up
Category Communication
Updated on 1 Day Ago

WhatsApp Plus update 2023

Whatsapp Plus is one of the most popular WhatsApp APK because it has various features and you can customize your Whatsapp completely with the help of this app. Hence, it is one of the most stable versions of Whatsapp that has been developed with great care. Furthermore, in Blue Plus, you can hide the last scene and change the basic fonts and even change the color of the interface of the application according to your own will.

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Download

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social apps worldwide owned by Facebook. It is a very useful and secure app for communication but there are many limitations to using it. That you cannot read deleted messages, you are unable to change the interface of it, etc. To overcome these problems, here is WhatsApp plus APK’s latest version, which comes with extra features such as anti-message delete, anti-status delete, custom themes, etc. It has the following features.

●     Whatsapp Plus Theme facility

There are creative, flexible, and visually appealing themes available in this app. So, you may choose from a variety of themes. The entire user interface can also be customized. Text, Customization is not accessible in the original App. Furthermore, this App automatically installs the themes and organizes them by name, date, and edition.

●     Hiding options

WhatsApp plus has a hiding feature. So, you have the option of hiding your status from any person or party.

●     Advanced file-sharing option

The original WhatsApp only allows files up to 16 MB in size, which creates tension among data providers. But Whatsapp plus allows users to share files up to 50 MB in size, which is very handy. Furthermore, this app allows users to modify files size from 2MB to 50 MB.

●     Whatsapp Plus Cleaner

You can use this function to uninstall all of your unwanted conversations, direct chats, and clean up any other clutter.

●     Recording Status

Another feature of Whatsapp plus APK is that it allows you to conceal your recording status from others.

●     Whatsapp Plus APK Wallpapers

Everyone enjoys having exclusive wallpapers on their walls, and it allows you to do just that on your chat screen.

●     History and Logs

History and Logs, you will hold the record of any operation that is performed on your account. This feature may be extremely useful to you in a variety of ways.

●     Fonts and Styles

Everybody needs to keep a range of font styles, and Whatsapp Plus allows you to do so. You can select from a variety of colors, sizes, styles, and shapes.

●     Sharing

It enables you to share high-definition images, videos later than 30 minutes, videos up to 50 MB in size, and audio files up to 100 MB in size.

How to Download Whatsapp Plus APK on Android?

  1. Open your android system and go to the browser.
  2. Then search WhatsApp Plus for Android but if you already have the first app then first make sure you uninstall it.
  3. Click on the download button.
  4. You have to allow some required permissions.
  5. After this, it will start downloading, and you can install it easily.
  6. Now, you have to open this app and enter your contact number. And verify your number by entering a password that is sent by WhatsApp.
  7. After this, you successfully updated the version of this app on your phone, and enjoy.


Whatsapp Plus Blue Download

WhatsApp plus Blue is one of WhatsApp’s top best versions that has a blue topic integrated. It not only has some wonderful features, such as color, orientations, chat window frames, etc. But it contains additional features such as altering the font style in the application, changing the update icon, etc. WhatsApp plus Blue is a free-of-charge app and it is free of ads. Similar to other third-party applications on your Android device, you can simply download it.

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Several apps are available on the internet but this app has fantastic features.  You can communicate with each other throughout the world.  So, you can send messages, images, videos, and documents within one platform in a natural way. This app has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use, and it’s totally free. This app is available for all android users without any cost. Furthermore, you can change this app according to your requirements. I am sure that this article provided all information to know about this app.


Q: Is Whatsapp plus available for all platforms?

Ans: This app is not available for all platforms, but you can only download it on Android phones.

Q: Is this app secure to use?

Ans: it’s completely secure, and there is no need to worry about privacy concerns.

Q: Is WhatsApp Plus beneficial to the original WhatsApp?

Ans: It is beneficial because you will find a vast collection of features by using this app which is not available in the original app.