Zombie Catchers Mod APK 2023 Latest Version

Zombie Catchers MOD APK is an action game that allows players to establish a zombie shake and juice company while also exploring various locations to capture zombies. In the video game Zombie Catchers, players assume control of the beverage store and go out on a quest to capture zombies in order to get the essential ingredients. Each game has fascinating points that you may grow by purchasing new things and carrying out the necessary upgrades in order to gain more cash. To ensure you can catch the zombie in one fell swoop, you need to upgrade your characters and unlock the lethal weapons in this game. 

Nobody has ever considered that capturing zombies is as amusing as playing this game, which was created in such a playful manner. Because this game’s characters are all cartoonish, you won’t see any blood or other gruesome imagery. The game Zombie Catchers features a lot of stages. something is really distinctive. The game starts with the first level unlocked, and as you go through the levels, new levels become available. Players find it quite easy to play this game. It is really simple for players to play without becoming bored.

App NameZombie Catchers
PublisherDeca Games
Size84.58 MB
Mod InfoUnlimited Money
Get It OnGoogle Play

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Zombie Catchers APK Key Features.

The Amazing features of this game are given below.


In contrast to other zombie games like Zombie Hunter APK, where you have to prevent other zombies from assaulting you, the gameplay of Zombie Catchers requires you to scour the environment in search of zombies in order to capture them. Additionally, in this situation, players follow the zombies since they always flee from you.

Catch Zombies

The two characters A.J. and Bud, two space traders, are at the center of the Zombie Catchers game’s narrative. They want to open a drink shop on Earth, but they lack the necessary supplies. So they came up with a plan to put the zombies they had captured to work producing ingredients and making beverages. They will undoubtedly profit from this transaction.

Built A Drink Shop

In this game, there are two different types of tasks that players must complete: A.J.’s zombie-catching and maintaining the beverage production. You will require equipment to do these two tasks because these two procedures are frequently tied to one another. Additionally, you will unlock a tonne of equipment with amazing effects and the money you make will be spent entirely towards the aforementioned goal.

Enjoyable Journey To Catch Zombies

In Zombie Catchers, the Swap site is where you will make your first trip. A drone will assist you locate the areas where there will be a lot of zombies for you to capture. You may navigate the 2D world with buttons that are conveniently located. If you have new equipment that increases the action effectiveness, several buttons, such as the leap and javelin buttons, will be held pressed simultaneously. There will be some zombies on the ground, and a circle on the screen will show how far your weapon can travel. In order to fire correctly, you will select the proper location and distance.

Various Type Of Zombies

The range of different zombie varieties that assist you in creating a variety of cocktails at various pricing points in Zombie Catchers is an intriguing aspect. You will specifically construct a container and place zombies of the same sort within it for them to function. From there, you can see certain items that will be shifted to the top as well as the visitors who will accept them and pay you. Over time, you’ll earn more money and purchase more components.

Multiple Locations/Places

Players visit several different locations, including Swamp. There will be a separate and distinctive boss at each site. As a result, you will be operating the spacecraft with A.J. and Bud while launching assaults to deplete its health until it is eventually captured. Bosses, on the other hand, frequently have better effects than typical zombies. Some devices require three of the same kind of zombies to operate, however, this may also be accomplished with just one boss zombie.

Upgrade Equipment And Production Machines

In Zombie Catchers, you will eventually come across a lot of zombies with traits that will make it challenging for you, thus upgrading is required. You may purchase additional accessories for A.J. so he can launch more potent assaults or jump higher. There are many different accessories available for you to think about purchasing and enhancing their performance.


How many levels does Zombie Catchers have?

Planning exercises are available in Zombie Catchers on two separate levels.

What is the hardest zombie to catch in Zombie Catchers?

The sixth plutonium zombie that may be found in the lagoon, Squid Zombie is the hardest to catch.

What is the genre of zombie catchers?

Zombie Catchers is an action-adventure game.

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