Animal Revolt Battle Simulator v2.8.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Unlocked Version)

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator v2.8.2 allows users to command an army and defeat the opposition. They will look for the level’s criteria and make an effort to achieve them while eliminating the adversary. Multiple potent combinations of modern weapons and powerful animals defeat potent foes at the same time. For gamers interested in creativity and fighting, Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Apk provides the perfect setting. Animal models including deer, leopards, dinosaurs, and Godzillas are available for players to utilize. Monsters can have additional components to make them odd. The system will provide all the parts needed for the player to finish the design efficiently.

Then it would be best if you got ready for the bloodiest war ever. Monsters will be positioned in the arena to see which is the strongest. The size of the lab will change as a result of your accomplishments. Modern animals like elephants, bears, lions, tigers, and other creatures frequently seen will be included. There are other extinct creatures, such as dinosaurs, barbarians, primitive monkeys, etc. They all have a dreadful power you’ve never considered. Because some species can outnumber one another in terms of size, there is no imbalance. You will need to do a variety of computations relating to their strength before engaging in a fight.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator v2.8.2 Update

 App NameAnimal Revolt Battle Simulator
Size489.92 MB
Latest Versionv2.8.2
MOD InfoUnlimited Unlocked Version
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Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Features

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator game key features are given below.

Battles Between Different Animals

In the Animal Revolt Battle Simulator, players will face off against a variety of animals of various levels. In using animal warriors against other monstrous foes, players will demonstrate their tactical prowess. Playing a game requires some thought since you have to follow the rules and try to go on to the next level.

Game Environment

In order to defeat the adversary and finish the level, the player must set up an offensive line. The game’s landscape will be split in half at the same time, allowing you to see the foes you’ll be up against and plan difficult confrontations. Additionally, you are free to decide which warriors you own and send various units into battle. It will be a feature that you cannot ignore.

Defeat the Enemies

One interesting feature of playing Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is that you must adhere to specific guidelines in order to attempt to complete the level. You will acquire a set amount of cash as well as lots of combat-ready soldiers. You will be aware of the cost of the forces you command so that you may choose an exact number to fight the enemy. Each unit has a distinct set of attacks, which you must consider.

Use of Weapon

Additionally, players should be aware that some levels give you access to a variety of modern weapons. To put it another way, you may simply arm the men under your command with weapons to rapidly overwhelm the opposition. Strong weapons or explosives with the ability to destroy any foe can be used. At the same time, if your adversaries vary over time, you will need to have more effective strategies.

Multiple Modes

As they play Animal Revolt Battle Simulator, players will find a wide variety of gaming options, which changes the experience. The first mode should be highlighted, especially in campaigns with several chapters. Since each chapter will concentrate on a different animal’s struggle, the number of stages you must overcome in each chapter will inevitably increase over time. Therefore, it will undoubtedly be a challenging journey that you try to complete.

Fight to Protect Your Success

Players in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator will first build armies. The amount of monsters that may be collected is not restricted by the system. You need to build creatures with more destructive potential if you want to outnumber your opponent. The game will introduce strange monsters to keep you interested. For some missions, players must purchase upgrades for their monsters. You will possess absolute power with this upgrade. Players will be able to have an invincible army if they have a vast army.


What is the strongest unit in animal revolt?

The T-rex is now the second-most effective real-world unit in the game, trailing only the Brachiosaurus.

What is the weakest animal in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator?

The weakest unit in the game is Coward Cole.

What age range is Animal Revolt Battle Simulator?

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is for 12+ age.

Which is the latest version of the Animal Revolt Battle Simulator?

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator v2.8.2 APK.