Waze v4.94.0.0 APK + MOD Download (Optimized Version)

Waze v4.94.0.0 is an all-in-one location-detecting application. The application provides all the information related to the particular area. The users of this application are amazed because of its qualities and the facilities that it provides to them. The application will let users view their location even without the internet. Compared to other such applications, it is not necessary to have wifi while using this application. You will also be able to know about petrol stations which are necessary when you are traveling. Waze v4.94.0.0 provides all the information quickly and also helps you to find short and safe routes to reach the destination and save time.

The application also has a GPS tracker for your family where you will be able to trace the location of your family members even if you are not with them. Moreover, you will also be able to share your location with your friends even if they don’t have the application. You can easily detect your location and have maps of the surrounding places, no matter in which country you are. The application also has a speedometer which is very useful and helps you drive your vehicle at the required speed. If the users extend the speed, the application starts creating warning sounds.

App NameWaze
Publisher Waze
GenreMaps & Navigation
Size 79.43 MB
Latest Versionv4.94.0.0
MOD InfoOptimized
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Waze v4.94.0.0: GPS and Navigator

Waze v4.94.0.0 Key Features

Waze v4.94.0.0 is an advanced application with a lot of exciting features which make this application popular all around the web. Some of these amazing features of the application are as follows.

Complete Accuracy

Waze v4.94.0.0 provides complete information about the specific location to their users with 100% accuracy but the users first have to grant the location access so that the application can understand the area and then detect it to provide information. People can completely rely on the app to reach their destination on time.

Contains Speedometer

This is one of the best features of Waze v4.94.0.0 which helps the users maintain their speed and also saves them from any accident as well. The speedometer starts creating a warning sound if the users exceed the speed limit of the application.

Numerous maps with information

The application provides its users with enough information with a 3D map where they can easily examine their route. The 3D map also contains information about the surrounding locations that will help the users choose the quickest route without getting lost.

GPS Tracker for Families

One of the safest features of this application that cares about the safety of its users is its GPS tracker. Waze v4.94.0.0 has tracking access which let the users know the location of their family members even if they are not near them. The users will be able to e their location, their movement, and all the details with this advanced application. One of the accurate applications for the safety of the users and their families.

Brilliant Navigation System

Waze v4.94.0.0 is a brilliant application designed with advanced techniques to provide full comfort and ease to its users. The application’s brilliant navigation system quickly recognizes any hazard, incident, or traffic jam that will delay the arrival time of their users and provides them with another route free from such hazards to reach the destination on time. Its advanced features quickly recognize such hazards that are along the route.

Detect Gas Stations

Waze v4.94.0.0 is a very useful app that helps you find the nearest gas stations so that you can refuel your vehicles. This feature of the application helps users to avoid incidents during their journey.

Advanced Exciting Features

Waze v4.94.0.0 has a voiceover system by which users can simply use their voice to ask for the map instead of typing on the keyboard which will save them from accidents and help them focus on driving as well. Moreover, users will also be able to play songs by downloading them on their account of the app or listening to them online. The application provides information and entertains its users as well.


Is it safe to use this application?

Waze v4.94.0.0 is completely safe to use as it doesn’t gather any personal information and leaks them.

How can I install this version?

Click on the download link to download the apk file. Then go to your mobile setting and enable the unknown sources. After that run the installation and you are done.

How it is different from other such applications?

The application not only provides information about the surrounding location but also guides its user and aware them of hazards, and incidents. The detecting ability of this app helps the users to reach their destination on time.