CCleaner v6.8.1 MOD APK Download (Pro Unlocked)

CCleaner is one of the most well-known cleaning applications because of its versatile abilities and complete background scan system for total optimization. The application offers significant customization with a range of features and components to provide complete protection and convenience to the devices of their users. The use of cleaning applications is very popular and demanding presently because of a large number of background apps and processes that are needed to be removed. CCleaner apk is the best application so far as it cleans the extra apps and other files or applications instantly and automatically. The application cleans the excess application automatically in the background and it takes care of the system’s memory as well. The application also assists with data analysis and provides users with different options to deal with damages or suspicious files in the system. The application also provides its users with numerous different tools to get rid of extra files and clean their system from damage. It is the best phone optimizer for Android devices. The application also has a Health Check System by which users can scan their system and get detailed information regarding their system. After that, it will be easy for the users to be aware of the excess file in their system.

CCleaner APK: Cleaning Application

CCleaner v6.8.1 APK Key Features

The application has many outstanding and advanced features that make this application unique and popular. The features of this application are explained in detail below.

Complete Junk Cleaner

The application has the best feature of deep cleaning the junk files that cause damage to the system. The application’s system instantly locates and deletes all hidden garbage files that are produced by installed applications on the user’s devices.

Clean-up Scheduler

The application has a clean-up schedule system where you can set a time period for cleaning and emptying of cache which helps to maintain the system and optimize the smartphone all the time. The application will let you schedule your clean-up time to keep the balance and take care of rest.

Powerful Photo Optimizer

The use of this application will give you a lot of applications for the maintenance of your system. If you use CCleaner apk then you will get to know how important its power Photo optimizer is. This optimizer will manage the quality and quantity of the images according to your liking which will ultimately keep the device’s storage up to date and keep it running more quickly.

Long Lasting Enhancement

The application helps to provide full ease and convenience for its users. Our smartphone’s background applications that get downloaded with some other applications not only use up the battery of the phone but also shorten the life span of the device. This feature of the application forcibly shut down all inactive programs and keep the system maintained.

All-in-One Feature

The application is created as an advanced cleaning application. If you are using this app then you don’t need any other app for your system’s maintenance. The application also works as a battery saver for your smartphone by clearing all the extra junk from time to time without any difficulty. You don’t even have to do anything, just download the app and enable it.

Add Remover

Another amazing feature of the application is that it has an ad blocker by which the system will automatically remove all the advertisements that irritate the users while using the application. This is the best feature because you don’t have to download any other application to block the ads.

Advanced Premium Features

The application has remarkably advanced features that will put the users in comfort and ease. It has an automatic system and simply by tapping on the feature, users of the application don’t have to do anything. The application will automatically scan the whole system and maintain and secure it.


How do I upgrade CCleaner to Pro?

To upgrade your CCleaner, first, open the application and click on the upgrade button on the top right corner of the application’s home screen.

How do I install CCleaner Professional?

To install the application, firstly download the application from the link and then run the installer on your smartphone device and follow the coming instructions and you are done.

Can I download this version on IOs?

The app version of the application is only for Android devices and IOs users cannot download the app on their smartphones.