Lifesum v12.13.0 MOD APK Download (Premium Unlocked)

Lifesum v12.13.0 apk is a calorie counter application that provides users guidance on taking their meals. People who want to lose weight and remain fit and healthy are advised to use this application. This is a lifesaver to remain fit and healthy. The application has a calorie counter by which you can count your meals and check how many calories you are taking in a day. Besides, the application also provides its users with a suitable menu chart for a whole day’s meal. Lifesum provides a list of calories that are perfectly balanced for the person’s body. Moreover, the application also offers its users the recipes of the dishes they require in order to lose weight. The application is totally free and works as a doctor for its users and helps them to achieve their goal of losing weight.  The calorie calculator is one of the best things about the application, you don’t have to struggle to select the best meal with balanced calories if you are using this application. Other than diet meals guidance, the application also provides its user a reminder to go for a walk. Only a healthy diet is not enough for losing weight, daily workouts and exercise are also a part of it. So, the application works as a fitness guide to make it possible for its users to achieve their ideal bodies.

Lifesum apk: Meal Planner

Lifesum v12.13.0 APK Key Features

Lifesum apk has many features that make this application unique and best than other fitness apps. The features of Lifesum are as follows.

Healthy Diet Chart

The application is created in such a way that it works as a life-saver doctor for the users. The users of the application just have to input their goals and follow the instructions to see how much they are compatible with their meals. The application then creates a perfect menu chart.

Balanced Recipes and Dishes

Another amazing feature of the application is that it does not only provide a menu of daily meals. It also offers its users different recipes to make it easy for them to cook by themselves. The application provides a list of dishes that are suitable for the health of users and also provide their recipes so they can cook and have them in their daily life.

Calorie Controller

The program also has a calorie-controlling device that helps the users to check their meals that whether they are fulfilling the balanced diet requirement or not. It will check the number of nutrients and count the calories making it easy for the users to take a healthy diet only.

Healthy Body Benefits

The application is popular among a lot of people around the web because it will help them enhance their body as well as their beauty. The application provides a balanced amount of meals for a day to its users so that they can maintain their health as well as beauty.

Daily Schedule Organize

With the help of this application, users will be able to take their meals at a perfect time. The application provides a suitable timetable for taking meals throughout the day and provides different ways to burn calories. Providing a list of activities to the users that they have to do in order to organize their body and reshape it.

Provide Nutritional Tips

The application is a great source of achieving a healthy shaped body. Finding nutritional tips is always a struggle for people. With the help of Lifesum, people don’t have to worry about nutritional tips and pieces of advice because it provides a brief description of vitamins and calories that are good for health.

Body Fitness Features

Other than providing menus and recipes, the application also works as a daily reminder for the users to work out. Exercising is also a key element of achieving the ideal body and thus the application links with other sports and jogging advice for the users to maintain their health and save most of the time.


Do I have to pay to use this version?

The application is free with all premium unlock features. You can simply download it and use it free of cost.

Can I download this version for IOs?

The APK files are suitable for only Android devices so IOs users will be able to download them on their smartphones.

How can I download this APK?

Firstly, download the app by the link, and after downloading open your p[hone settings and enable “Unknown Sources”. After enabling, run the installation process, and when the installation is complete, open the app and enjoy.