How To Change Netflix Region Without VPN For Free

Let’s talk about How to Change Netflix Region. Depending on where in the world a user logs on to Netflix, the service delivers various materials. Regardless of where you registered your Netflix account and paid for it, you’ll be able to access material when you log in. What if you want to stream Netflix UK when you’re in the United States, for example? You require a Netflix region switch in this scenario. So that you can watch more material or keep up with your favorite shows even if you’re away from home, we’ll demonstrate how to access Netflix in various countries.

Change Netflix Region

How To Change Netflix Region Without VPN For Free

There is no VPN that will always work with Netflix. You may be able to connect to a server, but if you try to stream video from a different country on Netflix, you may receive an error notice.

How To Change Netflix Region On Laptop


To access Netflix in your preferred country, you may use a DNS proxy, which does not need a virtual private network (VPN). Simply follow the steps outlined below to choose a new area:

To get started, you’ll need a working DNS server URL.

After that, you’ll want to look at your device’s network settings.

Afterward, select the “Custom and Manual” option, and then enter your DNS server’s IP address there.

Afterward, you must restart the network connection in order to activate DNS settings.

The final step is to launch Netflix and select the location you’d want to watch from there.

How To Change Country On Netflix Account

The Netflix catalog in your nation may not be enough to keep you entertained for the most hardcore streamers. Changing your region on Netflix can be an option in such a situation.

For this reason, Netflix displays different materials in various areas. Networks in some countries will have separate license agreements in place for various programming. Netflix is unlikely to carry a show if it is already available on another streaming service in that country.

As of right now, only those who relocate can change their Netflix location, however, a VPN can be used to get around this. To get around Netflix’s region restriction, you’ll need to use a VPN to change your Netflix location. Encryption and anonymity are provided by a virtual private network (VPN) server when you connect to it. As a result, it not only disguises your actual location but also keeps your personal information private.

How To Change Netflix Region Without VPN On iPhone

Unfortunately, If you don’t have a virtual private network (VPN), you can’t change your Netflix region. Netflix’s security will not be bypassed even if you use a DNS proxy. As a result, you’ll have a smaller selection of titles to choose from – those that are accessible to you on Netflix worldwide.

How To Change Netflix Region Without Vpn On PS4

The following procedures must be followed if you wish to use a VPN to change Netflix’s region or country:

The first step is to uninstall Netflix from your PlayStation 4.

  • You’ll then be able to select a VPN service. It’s best to utilize a commercial VPN service. VPN IP addresses are less likely to be blacklisted by Netflix in this instance.
  • Then, set your router to use the VPN address of the country where you wish to watch Netfl
  • The next step is to re-download and re-install the Netflix software on your PS4 and sign in to your Netflix account.
  • It’s time to relax and enjoy the entertainment you’ve chosen.
  • The Netflix service will be available on your PS4 when you finish these procedures.

How To Change Netflix Region On Smart TV

  • To change your Netflix region on Android TV or Smart TV, follow these procedures, which require the use of a VPN.
  • Finding the finest Android TV VPN or Smart TV VPN is the first step.
  • Subscribing to a virtual private network (VPN)
  • Download and install the VPN app on your Android smartphone or tablet
  • Open the VPN software, log in with your account credentials, and select a server in the United States as your new location (if you want access to US Netflix)
  • Now, open your browser of choice and visit
  • When prompted to join up or change countries, input all of your information and select the United States as your Netflix nation region.
  • On Android TV or a Smart TV, you may change your Netflix region using this technique

It’s possible to connect to servers located in different parts of the world via a virtual private network (VPN). All smart TVs do not support VPN, but there are workarounds available.

Some customers may not be able to install the VPN software on their Smart TVs or Android TV boxes because they lack the necessary permissions. So a simple approach is to use Amazon Fire TV (Fire Stick) and remote servers situated in multiple regions by constructing an encrypted tunnel between the devices.

How To Change Netflix Region For Free

  • Netflix: Become a member: If you haven’t done so previously, do so now.
  • A free VPN may be downloaded and installed: Ensure that the VPN you use can access Netflix.
  • VPN should be connected to the correct server: The Netflix content you wish to watch is available in the nation where you live.
  • Then, log in to your Netflix account Depending on your VPN, you should be able to access all of the local content.
  • Take a seat, get some popcorn, and settle in for an entertaining movie!

VPN that works with Netflix free trial

If you’re looking to test out a new VPN service, a completely free one is a terrific option. It’s possible to upgrade if you like what you’re doing. Trials and money-back guarantees are also available as alternatives that are free in theory. Because the money-back guarantees and trial periods are unlimited, they are better alternatives than completely free VPN services.


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  • Hotspot Shield

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