How to Check Number of Sims On Id Card Online

As a Matter Of fact, Multiple individuals are upset that many SIMs are registered on their ID cards without their consent or acknowledgment. Therefore,  this article deals with checking the Number Of Sims and verifying the quantity of SIMs on ID cards. According to law, a SIM registration check is very much necessary as any illicit activity could happen through the SIM connected with your CNIC number.

To tackle these challenges, PTA built an upgraded SIM Information System in 2009. The system was created to preserve a digital record of the SIM subscribers so that the users may monitor the number of active SIMs issued against their CNIC.

If you are unclear about the number of SIM cards issued against your CNIC or would like to check or ban one of them. Let’s see how to check mobile number on cnic?

Check Number of Sims

To begin with, with the sim registration check and CNIC number check, keep in mind that a single CNIC may only support a certain amount of SIM cards. PTA limits the number of SIM cards that can be supplied to anyone person at a time to a maximum of five. For the sake of consistency, if you currently have 5 registered SIM cards with your CNIC and wish to add another, you must first block the SIM card that is no longer in use.

Want to Know Which Sim Number On my Cnic?

How to Check Number of Sims On Id Card Online


The total quantity of sims that we have on our id card number is really crucial for all of us to examine. Using your CNIC as well as the sim information system, you may double-check the information.

Sim Information System

Sim Information System is a relief and convenience for mobile phone customers of various networks. Pakistan’s widespread use of Sim cards has generated major doubts about the legality of their distribution and use. Pakistan’s growth in terrorism coincided with an unregulated increase in Sim users. Consequently, the government decided to take action and register everyone’s sim cards. Registration of phones and SIM cards are mandatory in Pakistan.

How to Check Number Of Sims On id Card Online

If you want to know where to go to check CNIC sims online, it’s a lot easier. The steps to take are as follows:

  • Visit the PTA SIM Information Website.
  • If you go to the PTA SIM Information Website, you will see a page asking for your CNIC.
  • Please fill out the required fields.
  • Additionally, It will also require you to prove that you’re not a robot.
  • Once you’ve completed both steps, you’ll be able to click ‘Submit.’

The webpage will present you with a list when you’ve completed these steps. Once you’ve input the list of CNIC sims, you’ll see them in front of you right away. Operators will list your cnic’s registered sims.

For example, if you have performed jazz sim number check by cnic. You will get instant results.

Sim Information With Number

Finally, Checking a sim’s number on CNIC through SMS is a common request. If you want to see your sim’s details through SMS, follow these steps:

  1. Using your cell phone, access the SMS written box.
  2. In this field, enter your CNIC number without dashes.
  3. Send a text message to 668 using the USSD code.
  4. If you have a CNIC number, you’ll get a text message with the number of active SIMs.

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