Gardenscapes v7.0.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins, Unlocked)

The Gardenscapes v7.0.1 game is relatively simple. You manage a long-forgotten garden, and you must take a number of steps to bring it back to its previous state of lush greenery. All of this comes with the fantastic twist of a secret mystery that will be revealed right before you. Gardenscapes v7.0.1 is the greatest game that allows you to assume full control of the garden. It also has a secret mystery that will gradually come to light as you work to restore the garden to its former splendor. 

You may complete chores and use cash to buy items in the game that will help you transform the garden from something once forgotten into the greatest. A match-three game called Gardenscapes v7.0.1 transports gamers to an ancient estate with many things that need to be fixed. The match-three stages will undoubtedly present the player with a task that they must overcome, and they will attempt to gather plenty of gold medals in order to make in-game modifications. 

You may select additional components at the same time to fit your residence. You will rapidly overcome boredom when you play this puzzle-based game. The riddles are unusual; when you apply all of your logical reasoning to them, you can answer them properly. At the beginning of the game, everything appears to be quite simple, but as you go through each level, that will not be the case.

Gardenscapes v7.0.1 Unlimited Coins

App NameGardenscapes
Latest Versionv7.0.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Coins
Get it OnPlaystore

Gardenscapes v7.0.1 Screen Shots

Gardenscapes v7.0.1 Key Features

There are a lot of amazing features available in the Gardenscapes v7.0.1 game. Some of them are given below.

Gardenscapes v7.0.1 gameplay

The gameplay of this game is quite engrossing and involves plenty of swapping and matching. This will entail adorning and repairing the garden while offering a unique chance to take part in an exhilarating excursion.


There are twelve characters in the game’s world that you may become friends with, including Austin, the servant, and a really lovely puppy that is always there to lift your spirits.

Build Online Community

By integrating Gardenscapes v7.0.1 with Facebook, you may create an online community. Your Facebook buddies and you can live close to each other. As a result, every game becomes more enjoyable when you can share the journey with your pals.

Offline Mode

With Gardenscapes v7.0.1, you have a special benefit in that you need the internet to download and install the game but not to play it, so you may have fun and adventure even when you’re not connected to the internet. This increases the game’s player friendliness.

Earn Stars Through Match-3 Matches

It is a reality that every player should consider their star count as well. You start out with a total of zero stars. You will obtain a star after finishing a match-3, and you may spend it to replenish your inventory and go home. You must complete match-3 matches to acquire the necessary amount of stars in order to adjust how many items are displayed. Players may also have a tonne of fun with match-3 games.

Explore a Vast Garden

In the opening scene of Gardenscapes, a metropolis is filled with people and moving cars. The main guy is simultaneously wishing he could move to a better location when a weird letter suddenly emerges. Austin, the protagonist’s relative’s butler, wrote this letter, and it contains information on the property that the protagonist may inherit. The player will visit a mansion with a sizable garden as a result.

Renovate The Villa

There will need to be some daily adjustments made to the villa where the protagonist has relocated. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take the best possible care of this villa and to solve the puzzles. Make a wise choice when offered the option to renovate or repair anything. The next stage of the game will be shown to you after this procedure, which should only take a few minutes.

Simple And Interesting Puzzles

The game has a number of riddles that initially lead us to assume that it would be a very simple journey. The difficulty of these seemingly basic riddles will escalate as you progress farther into the game, and only then will the game’s significance become apparent.


How many levels do Gardenscapes have?

Levels 6825 are now accessible. Every Thursday, new levels are introduced to the game and are currently being created.

What is the point of Gardenscapes?

As they level up in Gardenscapes, players may select decorations for portions of a severely overgrown landscape that have been cleaned up.

Can I play Gardenscapes without spending money?

Everyone may play Gardenscapes for free. You may complete every level without investing real money.