Zooba v4.7.3 MOD APK ( Premium Show Enemies, Drone View)

Zooba v4.7.3 is a battle royale game featuring adorable characters set in a zoo. When you win a brief match against every opponent on the pitch, it will take some time for you to finish the level. At the same time, it is completely appropriate for a wide range of consumers, and they will undoubtedly find this game’s gameplay to be simple to understand. You’re going to find a lovely zoo filled with fascinating activities. In the fun game Zooba v4.7.3 APK, you may compete against players from across the world. You may play this game with the cutest characters here.

When you defeat every opponent on the battlefield, you will waste time by finishing the levels. Likewise, it is suitable for individuals of all backgrounds. There are several occasions where you may take part in the game and compete for prizes. Numerous animals may be seen there, participating in an entertaining online war game. In a variety of game settings, you may battle defenses and up to 45 different players. Additionally, you can find more than 20 happy and remarkable characters, each with unique strengths, weaknesses, and high levels of proficiency.

You will enter the arena with other players to survive as a champion in this hybrid of battle royale and MOBA games. There are often no team battles and everyone only plays the game solo in many MOBA-style games. This implies that you are the only player present and that everyone else you see is an enemy. The procedure of these games is now exceedingly tense and conflict-filled as a result of this tragedy!

App NameZooba
PublisherWildlife Studios
Size202.54 MB
Latest Versionv4.7.3
MOD InfoPremium Show Enemies, Drone View
Get it OnGoogle Play

Zooba v4.7.3 Screen Shots

Zooba v4.7.3 Key Features

There are the following amazing features of this Zooba v4.7.3.


Find your ideal animal by playing with all 22 of the available ones. Each character has two distinct passive and active abilities. You can utilize active skills whenever you wish while passive skills activate automatically. Additionally, there is a cooldown period when you cannot use active skills. Each character uses weapons in a different way.


To defeat your opponents, use a range of weaponry. Bomb, shotgun, box, or spear. All weapons come in common, bronze, silver, gold, and legendary varieties, each with a different level of potency and reduced cooldown. With the exception of the shotgun, there are several methods to use a weapon. Some characters bowl them, while others throw explosives at them.

Game’s Second Aniversary Event

Since Zooba v4.7.3 is currently celebrating its second anniversary, there will be stunning new elements that you simply can’t miss. You’ll discover brand-new skin for Tropical Yara, the lovely bird. The excitement doesn’t end there, though, as the anniversary map has debuted with some updated features to honor the important gaming occasion. Fans of this game will thus be unable to ignore these elements.


You may outfit your heroes with more than 20 different accessories. In  Zooba v4.7.3, items improve the characteristics of your weapons and give you special skills, such as the ability to walk on water, split a bomb into three smaller ones, force the guards to attack just you, etc. A character’s maximum item use is 4. Some items can only be equipped if your character has a certain set of weapons.


You may play in Solo, Duo, or Squad modes. You can travel by yourself or in a group with your pals. If you search for the match while in team mode, you will be matched with random players. After a certain amount of time, the arena for each mode is changed.


Resources in the Zooba v4.7.3 are Gems and Coins. Characters, skins, piggy banks, and crates may all be purchased in the store for gems. Additionally, you can instantly open the crates you receive from matches using gems. The levels of the characters and things may be raised with gold. Additionally, there are tokens in the store that can be purchased with gold.


Who is the oldest character in Zooba?

Lore Shelly the turtle is said to be the oldest resident of Zooba. Her favorite activity is tai chi, and she cherishes silence.

How many people can play Zooba?

Up to 20 people can play Zooba.

Does Zooba require Internet?

Since Zooba v4.7.3  is a multiplayer game, it is advised to have a reliable wifi or mobile data connection to play in the Zoo.

What are the unique items in Zooba?

Only during live events or in the Legendary Crates will you be able to get Unusual things, which are legendary things.