How to Change Sensitivity on Twitter

If you are struggling with how to change sensitivity on Twitter? Then congratulations! This blog post contains. When any of your Twitter friends post something dangerous, then the application will not show the original content instead they display a warning message. Potentially sensitive content, such as violence or nudity, is indicated by this warning label. Twitter will not display any content related to accidents or any other dangerous occasion. They will only display sensitivity error warnings if you access them. But here in this article, we provide you with the possible ways to see the posts without any sensitivity error. For instructions, continue reading the article. How to view sensitive content on Twitter? please follow the steps.

How to Change Sensitivity on Twitter

How to Change Sensitivity on Twitter

How to turn off sensitive content on Twitter

Well, if you are wondering how to change sensitivity on Twitter then you are on right place. Despite being a fantastic social networking medium, Twitter can contain some potentially sensitive Content. However, you can disable the sensitivity flag if you want visitors to be allowed to see sensitive content without worrying about being criticized. Learn how to turn off Twitter’s sensitivity flag if you wish to delete this message from your tweets.

Step 01: First, if you post any content having sensitive potential Twitter will automatically enable sensitive settings in your account. You will also receive an email. You can choose whether or not you want the sensitivity warning after receiving the email message.

Step 02: After disabling the sensitive settings, you have to remove the warning message. You can disable the warning messaging by simply logging into your Twitter account, or through your mobile, if you have a strong internet connection, or it can also be removed by a recent upgrade.

Step 03: After removing the warning message, turn off the sensitivity flag. You can disable it by going to your account’s settings. Choose the checkbox next to “This Tweet may contain content that is offensive” to turn on the flag. Click on the “Sensitive” setting and select “Disable” if you don’t want to view any sensitive posts.

These are the three steps to change the sensitivity on Twitter. If you follow these steps exactly the way they are then you can easily do the process.

How to take off Sensitive Content on Twitter

Turning off the sensitive content is not difficult. You can turn them off even if you are an Android or IOs user, or you can also turn off sensitive content on the web or desktop. Just follow the steps below.

Step 01: Open the Twitter app on your device, click the profile picture in the upper left corner and then select “settings and privacy” by scrolling down. Then select “privacy and safety”.

Step 02: After selecting “privacy and safety”, then select the “Content you see” option and then turn off the “display media” option.

That’s how you can turn off the sensitive content on your Twitter Account.

How to change Sensitive Content on Twitter

Changing sensitive content from Twitter is not difficult. It just takes a few steps to change the sensitive content from Twitter. To change the sensitive content on Twitter, go to your accounts settings and then select settings and privacy. Moving on further select privacy and safety>content you see>display media. By selecting them and turning them off, you can change the sensitive content according to your choice.

How to show Sensitive Content on Twitter

While scrolling down Twitter, you sometimes see “This tweet might include sensitive content”. This occurs as a result of Twitter deleting some tweets that contain a “possibly sensitive warning.” But you can show them to your audience if you want. For this,

Step 01: Go to your account’s personal settings. On the menu, select “settings and privacy”. You’ll notice a list of options on the left side of the screen that follows. Click on ‘Privacy and Safety’ after navigating there.

Step 02: After that, select “Content you see.” This option can be found on the right side of the screen. Then select “Search settings” in the next interface. When you select search settings, you will see two options. Uncheck the box indicating “Hide sensitive content”.

That’s all how you show sensitive content on Twitter.

How to change Twitter Sensitive Content

To change Twitter-sensitive content, you have to first log into your Twitter account. After logging into your account, navigate toward the three dots in the top left corner. Select “settings and privacy” from the list of options by scrolling down. Select this option and further select “privacy and safety”. When you select that you will have another interface, select the option saying “content you see” in the next interface. After that, you’ll see another option saying “Display media”. Bu turning off this option, you will change the sensitive content on Twitter.


Q 01: Why can’t I change my sensitive content settings on Twitter?

Ans: You must access the privacy settings on your Twitter account in order to remove the sensitive content alert. iOS devices do not have access to these options, while Android devices do. You can also change them in you PC’s.

Q 02: Why won’t my twitter let me view sensitive content?

Ans: Go to the Privacy and safety options by clicking the More icon. Check the box next to Display media which may include sensitive content in the Content you see section.

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In this article, I have provided you the steps and information regarding hoe to change, show or un off the sensitive content on Twitter. I hope after reading this blog post, you will be able to change the settings and understand everything. If you still have any queries then don’t hesitate to ask us anytime.