How to Unlock Augments Fortnite PC

If you are looking for the method for how to unlock augments Fortnite pc, then congratulations! you are in the right place. In his article, I provide you the information regarding Fortnite PC’s Augments. There were certain things, though, that we missed and just discovered now. They include some of the newest Augments. This is a brand-new feature that Fortnite has never had before. Items called augments can improve some of your in-game skills. Let’s head towards the article to know how to get and use these amazing augments.

How to Unlock Augments Fortnite PC

How to Unlock Augments Fortnite PC

A player will receive augments if they make it through a particular stage of a game. When the time comes for players to receive their augments, you’ll automatically get two of them and have the choice to reroll any you don’t like. Therefore, to unlock them look at the steps below,

Step 01: To unlock Fortnite Augments, you must press the button prompt that displays on the side of your screen and choose the buff you like. You are also allowed to get one free re-roll if you don’t like the buffs you are given.

Step 02: You can unlock them also by clicking on the activate button on the selection screen, which appears when you reach a particular stage of the game.

How to Activate Augments Fortnite PS4

That’s how you can simply unlock the Augments in Fortnite. But it is not done. You will also get rewards further by playing the game i.e the longer you live, the more Augments you can obtain. These Augments allow you to experiment with your loadout in both casual and competitive battles. Now let’s take a look at the Augments in the game

Augments in Fortnite PC

Before heading toward the Augments in the game, let us talk about What are Augments? Augments are a brand new feature that Fortnite has launched. They can improve your in-game skills. You can gain some flying time and even health regeneration from these, even at low altitudes. The Augments cannot be loaded prior to the match in order to maintain fairness. Instead, you can get some of them by playing the game. Some of the Augments present in the game are given below,

Bow Specialist: Bows draw and recharge more quickly, and over time, you recover arrows.

Demolitions Munitions: Objects demolished may have a chance to drop explosives, however, player-built constructions are not included.

  • Aerialist: Gives you the ability to restore a glider throughout the game’s remaining stages.
  • Chug Gunner: Get yourself a Chug Cannon.
  • Bloodhound: Gives the ability to leave a temporary mark on enemies who are hit by your marksman rifle or bow shots.
  • Forecast: Gives you the ability to always keep an eye out for the next storm circle.
  • Bush Warrior: Gives you the ability for regeneration of health and partial shields while surrounded by thick forests.
  • Jelly Angler: Gives you the ability to get a fishing rod that works everywhere but can only catch jellyfish.
  • First Assault: By this Augment, bonus damage is dealt by the assault rifle’s first round in the magazine.
  • Supercharged: With this augment, Your automobiles will use less fuel and be in better condition.
  • Rushing Reload: This augments gives the ability to slowly reload your equipped shotgun as you sprint or run.
  • Splash Medic: This augment gives you a chance to find Chug Splash in every container you open.

How to Get augments Fortnite

These are the Augments that are present in Fortnite. As the player proceeds in the levels, they can get these augments one by one. All augments have their own powers and each ability is powerful. They provide some amazing skills that you may use to level up in the Battle Pass while playing. Additionally, by combining them with additional skills and working with your squad, you can become a force to reckon with. Isn’t this amazing? Dowlaod the game now and enjoy these amazing different augments.

How to use Augments in Fortnite PC

In this game, there is no set procedure for using augments. These augments are known as “buffs,” and they’ll turn on by themselves. Players will be able to have many Augments active at once because these buffs combine with one another. Moreover, You will receive several augments throughout the game i.e the longer you live, the greater your chance of receiving further bonuses. Other than playing the game, there is nothing else you need to do. If you do, you will have the choice between two augmentations. Although you can re-roll to receive a fresh set, they are always random.

How to Unlock New Augments Fortnite

Thus, this is all the information regarding Fortnite new and exciting feature called Augments.


Q 01: How do I activate augments in Fortnite?

Ans: When the time comes for players to receive their augmentations, you’ll automatically get two of them. However, in order to activate them, you must press the button prompt that displays on the side of your screen and choose the buff you like.

Q 02: How to use Reality Augments?

Ans: You’ll get Reality Augments every time you load into a match at specified intervals. On your in-game HUD, these Reality Augments appear and present you with two options to improve the experience. A quicker reload with less energy might be one of the two possibilities. You receive a Mechanical Explosive Bow and a Shockwave Bow from the other augment.

Q 03: Are augments permanent?

Ans: Hidden mechanics have been eliminated from previous sets since they are thought to be unfun and against the spirit of the game. But now these augments are permanent.

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In this article, I have provided you with all the information regarding the new Feature called Augment in Fortnite. What are Augments? How to unlock these amazing augments and how to get them. Everything is explained. Now it’s your chance to play this game and experience these amazing augments. If you have any other queries regarding the topic even after reading the blog post, don’t hesitate to ask us anytime.