How to Check Jazz’s Remaining MBs and Minutes Code

In today’s article, we are going to tell you how to check Jazz’s remaining MBs and minutes. If you are a user using Jazz SIM properly, then you should know how to check the remaining minutes and MB of Jazz. Whether you are gaming, streaming, or browsing here, keeping track of your remaining data and minutes is very important. I am going to show you an easy way to check the remaining MB and Mana of your Jazz, which you can check very easily before making sure that you are always in control of your usage. You can read about the Jazz Conference call codes for prepaid and postpaid. The information is here.

How to Check Jazz's Remaining MBs and Minutes

How to Check Jazz’s Remaining MBs and Minutes Online

No matter which Jazz internet bundle you’re subscribed to, monitoring your remaining MBs is effortless. Simply dial *2# after the subscription code of your desired package, and you’ll receive comprehensive details about your remaining Jazz MBs. Refer to the table below for specific package codes:

Package NameCheck the remaining MBs.
Jazz Weekly PackageDial *117*47*2#
Jazz Monthly Premium PackageDial *117*30*2#
Check Jazz’s remaining MBs and minutes online.

How to check the remaining Jazz minutes

Jazz provides multiple methods to check your remaining free minutes, making it convenient for customers to stay informed about their usage. Here are the simple steps to check your Jazz free minutes:

Dial *110#

  • Easily check your free or remaining minutes by dialing *110# from your Jazz SIM. Standard charges may apply for this service.

Dial *211*2#

  • Check the availability of your free resources by dialing *211*2# and receiving a summary of your remaining free minutes and other resources.

Dial *601*2# (for Jazz Super Card users)

  • If you’ve activated a Jazz Super Card, dial 6012# to instantly check your remaining free minutes and get a complete overview on your mobile display.

Dial *212# (for daily package users)

  • Subscribed to a daily package? Dial *212# to check your remaining minutes effortlessly.

Dial *553*2# (for Jazz SIM Lagao Offer)

  • If you’re availing of the Jazz SIM Lagao Offer, simply dial 5532# to check your remaining free minutes.

Dial *177*88*2# (for Jazz Cash App users)

  • I downloaded the Jazz Cash app and received free minutes. Dial 17788*2# to view the details of your free resources.

How do I check Jazz’s remaining MBs and minutes? Three Different Methods

Jazz offers multiple methods to check package status, catering to the needs of both prepaid and postpaid customers. Here’s a breakdown of the three convenient methods:

Via Helpline Call

  • Dial 111 and follow the automated instructions to connect with a customer service representative.
  • Request the details of your Jazz packages, and you’ll receive comprehensive information via SMS.

Through SMS or WhatsApp self-service

Prepaid Customers
  • Send an empty message to 3838 to check the activated package details.
  • Alternatively, utilize Jazz’s WhatsApp self-service by sending “Hi” to 03003008000, followed by “5”, to receive usage data and call history.
Postpaid Customers
  • Dial *1111# to receive package details via SMS.
  • Utilize the WhatsApp self-service by sending “Hi” to 03003008000, followed by “2” for usage data and call history.

Using the Jazz World App

  • Download and install the “Jazz World App” from the Play Store.
  • Create an account with your active SIM number.
  • Access remaining details, expiry dates, and activated packages conveniently within the app.

jazz remaining MBs check code

For Jazz 4G internet packages, you can check your remaining MBs and validity using the following codes:

Jazz daily MB check code

  • Daily Package: Dial *117*4*2#

Jazz weekly MB check code

  • Weekly Package: Dial *117*47*2#

Jazz Monthly MB Check Code

  • Monthly Package: Dial *117*30*2#

These codes provide detailed information about your remaining MBs, validity period, and other relevant details associated with your Jazz internet package.


This guide has provided you with various methods to easily check Jazz’s remaining MBs and minutes. Whether you prefer traditional methods like helpline calls or opt for modern solutions like the Jazz World App, staying informed about your usage is now more accessible than ever. Feel free to share this resource with fellow Jazz users to ensure everyone stays on top of their internet and call usage. If you have any good information to share, then definitely tell us in the comments. Apart from this, you can also get the best information here. Jazz eSIM price in Pakistan 2024: activation code.

Remember, staying informed is the key to managing your Jazz services efficiently. Stay connected, stay informed, and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity with Jazz!


How can I check my jazz minutes and data?

Dial 117*30*2# to check MBs and *553*2# (for Jazz SIM Lagao Offer) to check free minutes.

How can I check my remaining MB in jazz?

To check the remaining MBs for your Jazz Monthly Internet Package, simply dial *117*47*2# from your Jazz SIM. This quick and easy method allows subscribers to stay informed about their remaining data usage effortlessly.

How can I check my jazz package status?

  1. Dial *969# and follow the menu to set your desired status, or you can type your desired status and send it to 6085.
  2. With this feature, customers can copy the current status of any number.
  3. You can use the following commands for service usage:.
  4. How can I subscribe to this service?

What is the code for Jazz Free MB?

To avail of free 4G internet on Jazz, simply dial *674# to receive up to 5 GB of complimentary 4G internet valid for 7 days.

How can I check my Jazz new SIM free minutes?

To benefit from the Upfront Acquisition offer, customers must dial *191# within 180 days of a new sale or port-in. The free incentives are available only once per customer. These upfront incentives will expire automatically X+6 days after the customer has dialed *191#.

How do I check the jazz balance?

Simply dial *111# and check the jazz balance.