Jazz Conference call code prepaid and postpaid

Today, I am going to tell you something new. I am going to tell you about the jazz conference call code. You can talk to three to four people at a time on one call. Jazz, one of the leading telecom operators in Pakistan, offers many packages for prepaid and postpaid customers. Provides very cheap packages in comparison. One of the features of Jazz, which offers packages for prepaid and postpaid surfers, is a conference call service that enables surfers to connect to up to four numbers simultaneously, be they intranet or international. If you have an emergency and you have to make a call together with four people, then the legal facility is provided.

Jazz Conference call codes: prepaid and postpaid

Dial *188# for the customer’s prepaid connection and *111# for the postpaid customer to access Jazz conference call features. If you don’t like it and want to disable it, Avail this offer by dialing 1881#. Notably, there are no charges associated with activating or deactivating the conference call service, making it a hassle-free addition to Jazz users’ telecom repertoire. The shocking information is here. You can also find Jazz eSIM price in Pakistan in 2024: activation code. The shocking information is here.

Jazz Conference call code

Jazz Conference Call Code Activation, Deactivation Code, and Charges

ServiceActivation CodeDeactivation CodeCharges
Prepaid Users*188#*188*1#No Charges
Postpaid Users111*188*1#No Charges
Jazz Conference Call Code.

Jazz helpline number

To get in touch with the Jazz Customer Support Team, dial 111 300 300. OR, dial +92512817533. Email us at customercare@jazz.com.pk.

How to initiate a jazz conference call code

Initiating a conference call with Jazz is a straightforward process. Users can follow these simple steps:

  • Make a call to the first participant.
  • Once the call is answered, add additional participants by selecting the option to add new participants and dialing their numbers.
  • After adding all the desired participants, select the merge option to initiate the conference call.
  • Users can include up to five numbers in a single conference call.
  • It’s important to note that each call during the conference will be charged according to the user’s package or offer.

Conference Call Setting

  • Locate the first person you wish to include in the call from your contacts.
  • After connecting with them, tap on “add call.”
  • Choose the next person you want to include in your contacts.
  • Tap on “Merge.”
  • Making a call Repeat steps three and four for each person you want to add to the call.

Terms & Conditions

  • The conference call service is available to all Jazz subscribers, excluding certain packages.
  • Standard voice call charges apply for international, off-net, or on-net calls made during a conference call.
  • Users can make a maximum of six concurrent conference calls, with the limit reduced to three in certain regions.
  • All new prepaid SIM sales come with the conference call facility activated as a default service.


With the Jazz conference call service, users can connect to multiple parties seamlessly, increasing communication efficiency. By understanding the activation process, deactivation options, and associated charges, Jazz subscribers can take advantage of this feature to its full potential. Whether it’s business meetings or catching up with friends and family, check out the jazz conference calls. jazz conference call and stay connected with your loved ones all night long on long calls without any hassle. You can also get information from here jazz other network call package 1-day code.


How do I activate a conference call in Postpaid Jazz?

jazz conferences 

To subscribe to the service, bring in 111 and follow the instructions. The subscription fee is Rs. 50 per month. To unsubscribe, simply call 111.

How do I activate a conference call?

To initiate a conference call on Android:

  • Dial the first person you wish to add to the call.
  • Once connected, tap on the “add call” icon, resembling a phone with a ‘+’ symbol.
  • Dial the second participant you want to include.
  • After they’re connected, tap on the “merge” icon, which typically resembles two arrows merging into one.
  • Your screen should now display “conference call,” indicating that all participants are connected.

What is the conference code number?

The conference code consists of six numeric digits and is utilized to guide callers into a designated conference call. Participants input the conference bridge number following their connection to the conference call dial-in number.

What are the charges for the Jazz postpaid to prepaid conversion?

The number must be valid and in use within the last 90 days on a postpaid status with a minimum tenure of 90 days. One-time charge of Rs. 200 for conversion.

How do I conference two incoming calls?

To initiate a 3-way call:

  1. Dial the first phone number and wait for the person to answer.
  2. Tap “Add call.”.
  3. Call the second person. Note: The initial call will be put on hold.
  4. Tap “Merge” to start your 3-way call. Note: If you prefer speaking to each caller individually, you can tap “Swap” to switch between the two calls.