How to Create Amazon Seller Account in Pakistan in 2023

Amazon Pakistan seller is the most popular online marketplace because it provides countless chances to its users with 95 million prime members and 150 million users. In this article we will describe complete method that how to create Amazon seller account in Pakistan. It offers a lot of solutions to its users for their financial problems. By creating Amazon seller account you will be able to give your services to this huge platform by promoting your products, working as a virtual assistant and many more. This article will give you complete information about methods and steps on how to create Amazon seller account in Pakistan in 2023.

How to Create Amazon Seller Account in Pakistan?


The doors of Amazon opened for Pakistanis and have admitted Pakistan into its seller network. As a developing country, the people of Pakistan should avail this opportunity before the door close. With 70% people buying and shopping online on Amazon, so this is the most major change for Pakistanis to create an Amazon seller account, promote their products and generate passive income. This study totally depends on how to create an amazon seller account. By following the method described in this article you can easily create an Amazon seller account with Pakistani documents, so you don’t need anyone to assist you to create seller account on Amazon. In these basic steps we will show you how to create Amazon seller account in Pakistan in 2023.

Basic Procedure

How to Create Amazon Seller Account in Pakistan in

Before learning the process of how to create an Amazon seller account, you should well know the basic paperwork and also have to complete the registration procedure on Amazon. All these things will help you to create an Amazon seller account in Pakistan.

Required Documents

  • Passport
  • National identity card
  • Statement and bank account information

Sign Up Now

  • After required documents Go to and then now press the register button here

Enter your Name, Email Address and Password

After sign up in  firstly enter your full name, after that email address and then password of your email account.

Always keep in mind either to use your professional email or create a second email account for this purpose. Save your email account password somewhere or make a note of it.

Certify the OTP Using your Email Address

After entering the above mentioned information and submitting it, on your email address you will receive an OTP. Enter this OTP to verify your email on Amazon.

Firstly Check These Required Documents

  • First business and contact information
  • Then mobile phone or telephone number
  • And in last Credit card information

Step By Step Method to Create Amazon Seller Account in Pakistan in 2023

After completing the basic process of paper work and registration using your email, verifying your OTP on email, after that  specify your business type. Now you should mention these five points.

These five simple and basic steps are for those people who want to create seller account on Amazon and want to grow their business across the border. All the Pakistani traders can avail this opportunity by logging in to Amazon and become successful.

Personal Information

First of all Write your date of birth, then citizenship, also birth nation, and Business address and identity attestation in first step of creating Amazon seller account.

 Select a Marketplace

When you have entered your all required personal information in step one, after that you have to check the marketplace box this will take you to the location of Amazo store. In this section, you can choose the area where you want to sell your products.

 Billing Information Validation

In third step Amazon will give the option to enter your billing information, like as the name on your credit card, also  the number and expiration date to check that the billing information is correct or not.

Details about the Store

After giving exact billing information to Amazon, some questions asked by Amazon about your Amazon store and your listed product.You have to Answer the following questions:

  • First question is the title of your Amazon store
  • Another question asked by Amazon is do your products comprise UPC codes?
  • Then they asked Are you the brand owner or processor of the product you are selling on Amazon?
  • In the end, Is the product you are selling on Amazon secured by a register trademark?

Answer all these above mentioned questions and then press the button below.

 Amazon address verification

When you click the button below after answering all questions, Amazon will send you particular codes via letter card to the address you give to it. After receiving the codes, you will be taken to verify that code. Approximately 7 days taken by the unique code to come up. And when you have received that special code, enter it below.

After the verification of code you have completed the signup process. Click on the link given below to access your Amazon seller central account.

There are the following benefits come with selling on this biggest marketplace.

  • First People enjoy shopping with Amazon because of its trustworthiness.
  • Second Billion of potential purchasers associated with market diversity of Amazon.
  • Then Amazon prime help you to promote your product and increase your customer base.
  • Latter You don’t need to spend a single rupee to list your product on Amazon seller account. There is no cost for listing on Amazon.
  • Last benefit of amazon seller,As a seller on Amazon, you don’t have to do too much work; Amazon’s FBA will completely help you and does everything on your seller account.

Product Category of Amazon Seller Account

Product category Conditions allowed Approval required
Amazon Device Accessories New, Certified refurbished, and Used No

Selling guidelines

Amazon Kindle Used No
Automotive & Power sports New, Certified refurbished, Used, and Collectible Yes

Selling guidelines

Baby Products (excluding apparel) New No, but certain sub-categories require approval.
Beauty New No
Books New, Used, and Collectible No

Collectible books condition guidelines

Camera & Photo New, Certified refurbished, and Used No
Cell Phones & Accessories New, Used, Certified refurbished; Unlocked No

Selling guidelines

 Final Thoughts

In this article we have described the complete method that how to create Amazon seller account in Pakistan in 2023. It is not enough easy to work as a seller on Amazon, You need to be patient while doing this work and also be careful while doing the verification process.

This is a great opportunity for every individual in Pakistan who want take his business to an upper level. Everything in this discussion described step by step to make this procedure easy for you. Follow these above mentioned steps; create a seller account on Amazon, promote your products and grow your revenue on this huge marketplace.

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