How To Download Video From Youtube On Laptop Free

If you want to download free videos using laptop using YouTube, we welcome you We teach you how to download free videos from YouTube using Google Chrome. As the second most visit site on the internet after Google itself youtube has around 23 billion visitors per month. Of them watch videos on the or through one of the many YouTube apps Sametime  though you ll   to download a video  It  may be needed on laptop unless you pay a YouTube tax, but it s possible if you re committed

Download Video From Youtube On Laptop Free


YouTube video and audio Download on laptop

While many YouTube videos are nothing more than viral clips that you can live without there are also many that you’ll want to watch offline  especially if you re somewhere with a weak or non existent Internet connection  Whether you want to save a music video so that you can get the visit or the whole movie posted by someone downloading YouTube videos is easy

  1. Internet browsers
  2. Google Chrome

How to download YouTube videos in Chrome

You can learn how to download YouTube videos to your laptop from Google Chrome web browser . in addtion Using best bet Google chrome videos without ads or restrictions is on your laptop  but also you can still use a handful of websites to download videos in Google Chrome. Remember that YouTube download sites are ad sponsored  and they wont be able to download copyrighted videos.

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Most YouTube download sites also 1080 I cant download videos. Because downloading YouTube videos violates Google’s Terms and Conditions, Chrome extensions that are intended

 Installing a cross-pilot extension

 Open up

Google Chrome. Click or double-click the Chrome app icon, which corresponds to a circle of red, yellow, green, and blue.

2. Find Cross Pilot in the Google Chrome Web Store. Go to the Google Chrome Web Store in May / Crospilot.

3. Clik crosspoint This is a banner at the top of the search page. The cross pilot has an icon resembling a blue cube with a C

What is a cross pilot

. Cross Pilot is an extension that is primarily used to install Opera extensions on Google Chrome, but it also has a feature that allows you to download YouTube videos.

4. Click Add to Chrome. This is the blue button at the top right of the page. This opens a popup alert.

5. Click Add extension. This is in the popup that appears when you click the blue “Add to Chrome” button. It adds extensions to your Chrome browser and opens the options menu in a separate tab for which you need to allow extensions.

6. Go to you tube video downloader

7. Select the browser as “Chrome” under the drop down list. Click on the “Install Via Crosspilot” button.

8. Click  Allow. This is the green text at the bottom of the Options tab that opens when you add a cross-pilot extension. If permission is requested, click Allow.

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9. Go to you tube   .com in Google Chrome This opens the YouTube homepage.

10. Find videos to download. Search for a video by entering its name in the search bar and pressing Enter. You can also browse suggested videos on the homepage, or browse through the channels you have subscribed to in the list on the leaf

11. Click on the video to open it. When you find a video you want to open, click on the title or thumbnail image to open the video and play it.

12. Click Dane The first time you open a YouTube video, a popup alert will appear at the bottom of the video informing you of a new option at the bottom of the video.

13 Click. To do so, click  on the down arrow at the bottom of the video. This will indicate the highest available quality version of video (excluding 1080p) to start downloading to your laptop. By default, you can find your downloaded videos in your prsnol folder.

Alternative method

Alternatively, you can click on the three-dot (⋯) icon to the right of the video and then select a different quality. This video will run through a third party conversion website before it is downloaded, so do it at your own risk.

Depending on youtube

ur browser settings, you must also first select a safe location or confirm the download before the video can be downloaded   you don’t have to worry about it. in addition We have already told you the complete method in the above article. You can learn.

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