How to Fix Controller Drift PS5

In this article, you can get information on how to fix Controller Drift PS5. The PS5 Dualscense Controller is full of attractive features and next-gen bells and whistles, but even these can’t save the controller from the old-fashion problem of drifting. Fortunately, we offer a number of troubleshooting steps and solutions to stop your characters from unintentionally drifting toward their doom. So, here are some potential fixes in this article. If your DualSense is drifting, read the full article to solve the problem.

What Is DualSense Drift?

How to Fix Controller Drift PS5

DualSense drift happens when the PS5 registers movement on screen despite the player not touching the controller. So, your character might move in Fortnite, even though you’re not actually touching the DualSense, this is because of DualSense drift. Originally, the joystick sensors inside the pad are becoming prematurely obsolete. They wear away fast, become close to your thumb gunk, and can warp over time. If your DualSense is drifting, fortunately, you can take a few steps to fix DualSense drift.

How to Identify Stick Drift?

Stick drift on the PS5 controller is quite easy to identify. It’s the phenomenon in which one of your analog sticks moves on its own, even if you aren’t touching the controller. This will interfere with playing games, as it will move your stack and change movement/aiming etc.

How to Fix the Controller Drift PS5?

You can follow the given solution to solve fix the controller drift PS5.

1. Clean Controller PS5

The first and easy solution to the controller drift issue in DualSense Controller is to properly and correctly clean it. If you are just noticing the “drift” problem, you can solve the problem with a pair of Cotton Swabs, high-concentrate Isopropyl Alcohol, and a can of compressed air.

  • Before cleaning, make sure you turn off the controller and also disconnect any cables such as USB Cable or the PS5 Console from the Controller.
  • If your PS5 is still undertaking, then be extremely careful while cleaning as you don’t want to smash anything.
  • Now, take the cotton mop and dip it in Isopropyl Alcohol. Use this wet mop to clean the PS5 DualSense Controller. Clean around all spaces and openings especially near the two analog thumb sticks.
  • After carefully cleaning the Controller, place it aside and leave it dry for some time. Take the can of compressed gas and blow it at the base of the two thumb sticks.
  • Press both the thumb sticks forward and hold them for a few minutes. Do this for all directions.

2. Clean Analog Sticks

In the above solution, we cleaned the PS5 Controller and the analog thumb sticks from the outside without dissimulating the DualSense Controller.

But you can dissimulate it and clean the analog sticks from the inside. Before proceeding, we do not recommend this method for beginners.

  • iFixit has step-by-step information on how to disassemble the PS4 DualShock Controller. You can follow a similar procedure for your PS5 DualSense Controller as well.
  • Once you have access to the analog thumbsticks, you may use the tools like cotton swabs, Isopropyl Alcohol, and a can of compressed air to clean both thumbsticks.
  • Be very careful with a cotton mop and compressed air. Do not use a dry cotton swab as it can leave floss all over the components on the circuit board.
  • Also, use the compressed air from a distance to decrease the pressure so that it won’t damage the PCB or any components on it.

3. Reseat Thumb Stick Caps

Sometimes, the issue of the drift can be due to your playing style rather than dust, debris, or damage. Such as if your gameplay involves using the thumbstick in a particular place for extended periods, then there is a chance that the stick automatically drifts that way over time.

Detach the thumb stick and center the analog mechanism. After this reseat the thumb stick by rotating it freely.

4. Adjust the Input Threshold

If the analog stick drifts even after cleaning and reseating the thumb sticks, then you have to go with the software on it.

  • Every game has settings for the PS5 Controller where you can adjust certain parameters. One essential thing in these settings is the Input Threshold.
  • By adjusting a threshold for input, you are informing the PS5 to read the input between those values and not register any movements beyond this. In the gamer community, it is called the Dead Zone.
  • Go to any game you want and in the controller settings, adjust the input threshold of the analog sticks, depending on which one is having the problem. Try and check with a couple of settings before you confirm one limit.

5. Reset PS5 DualSense Controller

You can reset the PS5 DualSense Controller. 

  • First, turn off the controller and detach the USB Cable, if any.
  • Then take a thumb pin, paper clip, or safety pin and insert it into the reset hole that is at the back of the controller.
  • Under this hole, there is a Reset button, and you have to press and hold the pin for nearly 10 seconds. 
  • The controller will reset and restart. You have to once again start the pairing procedure to use it with your PS5.

6. Update DualSense Controller Firmware

Sony launches firmware for the PS5 Controller to add features, fix bugs, or deal with issues. If the PS5 Controller Drift is due to a hardware issue, then Sony can solve it in the firmware.

So, you have to update to the latest firmware. 

  • Connect the Controller to the PS5 Console. 
  • Go to “Settings” in your PS5 and select “Accessories”.
  • Next, select “Controllers” and then select “Wireless Controller Device Software”.
  • There is also a PC Utility from PS to update the DualSense Controller’s firmware using a Windows PC.

7. Replace Analog Sticks

If your PlayStation is out of warranty, then you can replace the analog sticks on your DualSense Controller. You can get replacement parts online easily but there is no guarantee of the functions of these parts. You have to disassemble the Controller, desolder the already present analog sticks and replace them with new ones.

8. Contact Sony Support

Last but not least, if your PS Console is still under warranty, then you have to contact the support team. If there is any problem in your Controller that is causing the drift, then chances are, you might get a replacement. 

To disconnect your controller

  • Press the PS button > Accessories. 
  • Under General, select Bluetooth Accessories> choose the controller> and select Delete and click Ok.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Stick drift be fixed on PS5?

Ans: If you’re still under warranty, Sony will fix your PS5 controller’s stick drift.

Q: Does resetting the controller fix drift?

Ans: Sometimes a simple resetting can make your controller work again.