How to see Archived Mail in Gmail App iPhone or Android

In this article, you will get to know how to see archived mail in the Gmail app for iPhone or Android. In Gmail or any other email provider, archiving an email is always preferable to simply deleting it. This is due to the fact that when you archive an email in Gmail, it merely disappears from the Inbox and is still accessible at a later time. The delete option, however, permanently deletes the specific email from your Gmail account.

How to find archived emails in Gmail on Computer

We often archive outdated emails and emails with little to no value. People who use Android or IOs sometimes mistakenly archive those email which they need in near future. Archiving an email is better the deleting it because if you delete an email it will permanently deted from the delete label after 30 days.

Where is archieve in Gmail app Android

For some reason, neither the desktop client nor the mobile app for Gmail allows users to access archived messages directly. In the past, Gmail had a special “Archive” label that is no longer available. Because of this, Gmail users are unable to restore or delete the list of emails they have saved over time. However, one can find their archived emails if they go to their Gmail and then select more>”All Mail” labels. Here you will find you all mails easily.

How to see archived mails in Gmail for Android?

Now lets take a brief look at the steps of how to see archived mails in gmail for Android or iPhone.

How to see Archived Mail in Gmail App

How to see Archived Mail in Gmail App iPhone or Android

How to undo archived emails in Gmail

Here are a few steps which help you if you are havinf difficulty to find your archived mails in gmail.

Step 01: First of all open your gmail app on your mobile phones. And after that tap on the three vertical lines on the top left side of the app. Scroll and select the “more” option. ahaere you will see “all mails” label. When you select that label you will find all the emails.

Step 02: Now in this section, you will find your all emails including archived. But if you want to see a few or selected emails you cn also see them easily by applying filter.

Step 03: You can see selected mails by applying “in:all” filter. Write in:all in the search bar of the app and further write the name of the mail which you want to see e.g if you want to see all the mails from Microsoft then you can write “in:all from” and enter. Filter will show you all the microsft emails.

Where is archive in Gmail app Android

These are the simple methods by which you can see your archived mails in your Gmail app for any Android or iPhone. You can either see them by “all mail” section or by applying “in:all” filter.

Difference between Archived mail and Deleted mail

You can see or archive your mails only when you know the difference between both. If you dont know the difference then it probably be difficult for you to know about them.

  • Archived mails: Archived mails are those which may be important for you in near future so you can archive them simply by selecting them and clicking on the archive option. These emails will be archived permanently to the “All mails” section. However, you may delete them if you dont need them.
  • Deleted mails: Deleted mails are those which you dont need further and such emails are just taking extra space so you can delete them by selecting them and clik the delete option. These mails will be deletd from your gmail and placed in delete label for 30 days. After 30 days these mails will also deletd from the delete label permanently and you can never restore them.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Let us take a look at some questions that people normally ask.

Q 01: Where is Archive folder in Gmail app?

Ans: If you use the Gmail app for Android then by tapping the three-line menu icon, you can access the folder strcuture. You can now see every Gmail label and category, including “Inbox,” “Spam,” “Trash,” and “All Mail.” Step 2: Click “All Mail.” You can see all the archived mails.

Q 02: How do I view archived Gmail on iPhone?

Ans: By opening the All mail label, you may see if a communication has been archived. Ensure that you have the Gmail app downloaded. Your iPad or iPhone should now be running the Gmail app. Tap Menu in the top left corner. Select All mail.

Q 03: Where is Archive in Gmail App 2022?

Ans: In a web browser, open Gmail, and click to the “All Mail” section in the left sidebar. All of your emails, including those you’ve archived, are displayed in this section. To find your saved emails, look through this area. It’s also important to note that Gmail’s search results now include archived email.

Q 04: Why is there no Archive folder on my iPhone?

Ans: For some reasons, gmail don’t allow users to have archive folder in their devices either they are iPhone users or Android users. So if you want to see your archived mails then you can see them through all mails section.

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How to find archived Mail in Gmail

In this article you will see the method of how to see archive mails in gmail for Android or iPhone. You can see them by opeinig your app and selection three vertical lines on the left top of the app and then selecting more and then all labels. You will see all the labels. I suggest you to archive your mails which are necessary rather than deleting them because if you delete, it will be difficult to recover them. After that, if you have any other query don’t hesitate to ask.