How to Upgrade Android OS to 9.0 Free

The Android operating system is continuously updated, and each version offers the user a new experience. On September 3, 2019, Google formally launched Android 10, the most recent version of the mobile operating system. In contrast to earlier Android versions, it broke the tradition of releases being called after desserts rather than numerals. Android Q was the initial name for Android 10. Between Android 1.0 to Android 9, the OS had significant visual, conceptual, and functional advancements. You must be interested in Android 10’s features and how to receive upgrades rapidly. However, it is not that much tough a task to upgrade your phone but if you are having difficulty then don’t worry. In this article, I will show you three methods to update your Android OS. So, read this article to the end to know all these methods.

Manually update Android Version Without PC

An open-source operating system is Android. This indicates that smartphone makers are free to modify the operating system before installing it on their devices. As a result, they have total control over the OS’s functionality, appearance, and included software. The bigger issue is that they also have control over OS updates,  and only a few phones actually receive them.

How to update any Android device to latest version 2023

An OS upgrade is usually made available for manufacturers’ flagship phones. Even then, the majority of Android phones can only access one update at a time. As a result,  You miss out on the most recent features released on Android operating systems. If your phone is older about 2 years old, then it is most likely that your phone has the old version. However, you can upgrade your phone.

How to Upgrade Android OS to 9.0 Free

How to Upgrade Android OS to 9.0 Free

It’s not complicated to upgrade your phone. Look at the methods below to know the steps of how to upgrade your phone.

Method 01: Simple method to update

It is the most common and easiest method to update your phone.

Step 01: Make sure your phone is connected to wifi connection. It is really necessary to have a good internet connection before updating your phone. Also, make sure that your phone’s battery must be charged, around 50% charging is okay to start updating.

Step 02: Go to your mobile phone’s settings and scroll down and click on the system button. On Samsung Galaxy, you will find software updates instead of systems.

Step 03: Click on the “About phone” button. On Samsung Galaxy, you will click the button “Download Updates Manually” or Download Updates and Install” button and in any Google Android model, you will find the “Advanced” button.

Step 04: Click on the update button to update your phone but first click on the check update to see if there is any update available. If any update is available then it will give you a notification. Start updating your phone.

Step 05: Follow the steps on your phone to update and enter the required information like your email etc. Then wait for the update to complete, it will take nearly half an hour to complete the update and installation. When the update is complete, the new version of Android will be installed on your phone.

Method 02: Update Android with Upgrade Package

Normally, customers can download and upgrade some system files from the official websites of mobile phone manufacturers. You can visit the download section of the official website for your Android phone and then download the most recent system update package for your phone’s make and model. Please save the downloaded file to the phone’s SD card after it has finished downloading. To update your phone with this method, read the steps below:

Step 01: Go to the official website of your mobile phone manufacturer and download the latest upgrade package.

Step 02: When the download is complete go to your phone’s settings>system>about phone>system update and download update if the system shows any available updates. It will take nearly 30-40 minutes to complete. When the update is complete, your device will automatically be upgraded.

Method 03: Update Android through Rooting

A very effective method for updating your Android system is by rooting. Try rooting your phone if you need to update to the most recent Android OS version as it becomes available. This will make it simple for you to receive updates. For clear instructions on how to root your Android phone, see:

Step 01: Download the root on your PC and install it after downloading it. After installing it, connect your Android phone to your computer with the help of a USB.

Step 02: After connecting, start responding to the necessary directions on the screen to root your phone. After performing the steps, restart your phone to avail the recent version of Android OS.

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These are the simple and easiest methods to upgrade your Android Phone.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

View the other queries that people have.

Q 01: How can I update my Android version 6.01 to 9?

Ans: To update simply go to your Android settings>System or Software update>Abuot phone or Advamced>Update.

Q 02: How can I force my old Android to update?

Ans: Checking for an OTA update allows you to manually update Android. Navigate to your device’s Settings, then select About Phone. Next, choose System Update or Software Update, depending on the manufacturer.

Q 03: Can you update Android without service?

Ans: However, in order to download and install OTA updates, you simply need an internet connection. So, you can, indeed.


There are some methods by which you can download your Android OS version to 9.0 free. Follow the OTA, Upgrade Package, or Rooting method to easily download your phone. But we inform the users to back up their phones before updating. Now after reading this article if you still have any confusion don’t hesitate to ask.