How To Track Phone Number In Pakistan

Learn How To Track Phone Number In Pakistan because it is important for you to know the current location of a Pakistani mobile phone number. If this is the case, you’ve arrived at the correct spot. Phone number information may be checked in Pakistan in a variety of methods. In addition to utilizing Pakistan Mobile Number Tracker, you can also check your mobile location and mobile number information. A Person Tracker program in Pakistan can track the mobile sim owner’s name, current location, address, and network service, provider. Pakistan’s finest smartphone tracker is also included on this list, as is Pakistan’s comprehensive mobile/cellular tracking list. Learn to Track Phone Number In Pakistan.

Track Phone Number In Pakistan

How To Track Phone Number In Pakistan

One of Pakistan’s network providers, such as Jazz, Telenor, Ufone, Warid, or Zong, is responsible for allocating and transmitting every phone number in the country. Each caller, location, street name, CNIC, and address is recorded in detail by the cell phone network service providers using a verification form issued after SIM card purchase. Listed here are all of Pakistan’s mobile/cell phone numbers.

Trace Mobile Number In Pakistan With Name And CNIC


Knowing how to get a Pakistan mobile number tracker in the present location is more difficult. After learning how it works and which software is available for this purpose, things become easier to understand. Some paid assets and tools are even more effective than the free ones in helping us locate a treasure trove of delights. Even if you don’t mind paying for something, many individuals don’t want to do it. People from Pakistan, in particular, are continuously on the lookout for free services. Pakistan has received the finest Android number summary report from us. You must first input the mobile number of the 10-digit search window on another website to retrieve the name, location, area, and mobile phone numbers in Pakistan for each province.

Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Map In Pakistan

Tracking the whereabouts of a mobile/number may be useful for several reasons. The safety of your child, spouse, family member or a friend may be on your mind, and you may be concerned. No, you can’t phone and check on their location every time, don’t you? Unfortunately, we have no idea where they are. They might be driving or working while we don’t see them. While keeping an eye on them, you need to know where they are. If you use Google to look for ‘Best Mobile Number Tracker with Google Map,’ you’ll come across a slew of results. You can get some basic information from these websites, but they won’t be able to tell you anything about the actual position of the cell phone. Using these simple procedures, you can get the current location of a cell phone/number or Google Maps location. 

Steps To Track Phone Number In Pakistan

  • Download and open the Google Maps app on your phone.
  • It’s positioned directly next to your username.
  • Activate the Add another account option by clicking on it
  • Go to Google and type in your query. Use the required  Google e-mail address and password to log in.
  • After you’ve added the account, go to the Google Maps app and start exploring!
  • In the Accounts menu, choose “Select a Gadget”
  • To access your timeline, go to the menu and choose ‘your timeline.’
  • Finally, You can now see where your selected Gadget is in real-time with Google Maps.

Mobile Number Detail With Name And Address Online

Pakistan has received the finest Android number summary report from us. Simply input your mobile phone number on another page to receive just your province’s name, location, and area code for every mobile phone number in Pakistan. You’ll be able to see the outcomes of the cellular phone number if you enter or exclude zero phone numbers. In order to access the Pakistan Cell Phone Database, you must input the cell phone number.

3 Ways To Track Phone Number In Pakistan

  • If you merely want to know the name, location, and mobile network of any phone number, you may use this service. Detailed information may be found on the Truecaller app or website.
  • Also, if the phone number is linked to a business, you may search for that firm on Google and obtain all the information you need right now.
  • Additionally, if you have a phone number, you may look up the individual on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Trace Mobile Number In Pakistan With CNIC

You can access the PTA SIM data of any organization’s phone. Simply insert your SIM card into an adapter and send a clear SMS message to the coordinate code 668 to get your adapter working again, To know about your active sims:

  • Send a text message with your 13-digit CNIC number to 668 for Warid customers
  • Text an SMS to 668 with your 13-digit CNIC if you’re a Zong customer.
  • Send a text message to 668 with your 13-digit CNIC number if you are a Ufone user.
  • if you’re a Telenor customer Send an SMS to 668 with your 13-digit CNIC 
  • Finally, SMS your 13-digit CNIC to 668 if you are a Jazz user.

PTA Mobile Number Tracker

Unfortunately, there is no Official PTA Mobile Number Tracker available for public use. If your mobile has stolen and you want to recover/track your mobile or mobile number you will have to get in touch with PTA officials. You can contact CPLC at helplines 1102, 021-35662222 & 021-35682222 for lodging complaints of snatched/stolen /Lost Mobile Phones.

Track Phone Number Online In Pakistan

Many Pakistani mobile network service providers are providing Caller Name Services. Therefore, Unknown callers can now be identified by their phone numbers. For example, Jazz is providing such services, Even if the caller’s name is not preserved in the contact list, Jazz Caller Name service allows users to identify the caller’s name before answering the incoming call through flash SMS. With Jazz Caller Name, you don’t have to use the internet or any other program at all. This service is available to all Jazz and Warid customers, regardless of the model of their phone. Just dial *7773# or Write SUB and Send an SMS to 7773. So, By using this service you can track the unknown phone number and can get details of that particular person with that phone number.

Trace Mobile Number Location In Pakistan Free Online

A cell phone tracker can be quite helpful in these situations. As a result, you can keep tabs on your kids and even your employees. Finally, a phone tracker is necessary for a variety of reasons, including personal safety, security, and work. There’s no better way to find out the current position of an individual’s cell or mobile phone than with the use of a Tracker app. You can do this if you download the app “Mobile Tracker For Android” and make an account on this app. If you want to recover/track your mobile. This is the easiest way possible to do so.

Mobile Number Detail With Name And Address In Pakistan

Using Tracker, you may find the position of a cell phone or mobile phone, as well as its current address, network provider, and signals in Pakistan.  In Pakistan, is one of the greatest resources for tracking down the whereabouts of a lost or misplaced mobile phone number. The usage of cellsaa tracker is completely safe; it does not store personal information, including phone numbers in system. allows you to search phone numbers as many times as you like. There are millions of phone number entries in the Cellsaa database, all of which have their current location and other relevant information.

It provides you the facility to:

  • Trace Mobile
  • Trace Vehicle
  • And GPS Tracking.

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