How To Transfer Vote Online In Pakistan

How To Transfer Vote Online In Pakistan? Let’s talk about Pakistan’s Political as well as democratic system. Three general elections in 13 years have kept Pakistan’s political as well as electoral processes on track. When Pakistan’s next general elections are scheduled for 2023. It will be an excellent chance for its inhabitants to exercise their democratic rights. 

How To Transfer Vote Online

If you are

  • At least 18 years old,
  • Posses a Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC),
  • Have a sound mind 

You meet all requirements for a person to be eligible to vote in an electoral region in Pakistan.

  • Youth,
  • Women,
  • Persons with disabilities,
  • Minorities,
  • Transgender people,

Now have real opportunities to participate in the ECP.

As a matter of fact, the only way for a Pakistani citizen residing outside of Pakistan to vote in an election is if he or she is physically present in Pakistan on election day. In this post, you’ll learn how to check your ballot.

How To Check Voter Registration Online In Pakistan

How To Transfer Vote Online In Pakistan


You can check Voting eligibility for free via an SMS service developed by Pakistan’s Election Commission (ECP) as well as National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

How To Register Vote Online In Pakistan

You can apply to register as a voter in Pakistan by submitting your application and CNIC copy to the,

  • District Election Commissioner (DEC)
  • Registration Officer
  • Assistant Registrar of the district

Where you wish your name to be enrolled, provided you meet all the qualifying conditions. Together with this, You may get the form for enlistment or transfer of vote from the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) website or at the office of the District Election Commissioner / Registration Officer / Assistant Registration Officer or Display Center Incharge for free.

Vote Registration Online Pakistan

You can check the status by SMS as well. In short, anyone may check the status of their registration by texting their CNIC number to 8300, without any hyphens. The serial number, as well as the area of the block code for the election, will be sent to you via an automatic response.

Vote Transfer Procedure

It’s possible to vote, transfer, or alter your address in every district of the country. Just visit a display center run by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

  • Voter transfer.
  • Document rectification. 
  • Application form 17.

All are available on the Election Commission of Pakistan’s official website.

  • Candidates can access Form 15 (for voter transfer).
  • Form 16 (for document corrections).
  • Form 17 (for change of address).

Additionally, if you wish to register to vote, you may do it by text message. In this case, send your CNIC number to 8300 to obtain all of the information you need to vote.

How Can I Change My Vote In Pakistan

By all means, you will have to get Form 21 online or the election commission local office. Simply,  Fill it out and submit this form to your local election commission office.

Online Vote Check 2022 Pakistan

  • Of course, it is now very easy For Online Vote Check  2022 Pakistan through The Election Commission of Pakistan’s ECP APP. The National Information Technology Board (NITB) is the official owner of the functionality and technology. Similarly, The National Information Technology Board (NITB) was tasked by the Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom(MOITT) with developing, designing, and managing the app.
  • The Election Commission of Pakistan has developed (ECP’s) app, with the help of the National Information Technology Board. Furthermore, It provides individuals with access to all of the general information that is available on the ECP’s website.
  • Moreover, By submitting a complaint, users may quickly gain access to the COMPLAINT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS). Here, you can record their grievance with the appropriate authorities.

Moreover, When it comes to voters it is really easy to:

  • Firstly, it helps to Find out how to register to vote.
  • It also helps to check the status of your registration.
  • Frequently asked questions.

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