How To Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer or Itune

How To Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer or Itune?  Have you ever wondered how to crack an iPhone passcode without a computer? You may unlock it using Siri, third-party applications, and iTunes.
In this essay, I’ll present a detailed way on unlocking your iPhone. Behind the little passcode-protected screen, you have all your personal files and information stored on your iPhone storage. When you can’t recall the screen passcode, you will definitely want to locate a technique to unlock the iPhone.

Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Computer

How To Unlock iPhone passcode Without Computer or Itune

In this article, you find a solution of Unlock the iPhone Passcode Without a computer.if you’ve forgotten your passcode and are unable to access your iPhone, there are a few options. Incorrectly entered your iPhone’s password too many times, and received a warning notice that your phone has been turned off? No computer is available for use in this manual for unlocking an iPhone’s passcode. Relax. Factory Reset iPhone Without Passcode or iTunes or Computer
Your iPhone may need a factory reset for several reasons. Here are a few possible outcomes:

⦁  Before you give or sell your iPhone, you’ll want to delete all of the data stored on it.
⦁  You forgot the iPhone passcode.
⦁  the iPhone is disabled or locked.
⦁  Get a second-hand iPhone with a passcode.
⦁  the iPhone is suffering severe damage and needs a factory restoration.

As long as you have a passcode in place, you can be sure that your data is safe on an iPhone. It is possible for someone to use your phone if it is stolen, but only after all the data has been erased. This means that no one will ever see the images of you pulling that goofy stance in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa; it is better this way. See more in the text that follows.

How To Unlock iPhone XR Passcode Without Computer

Siri, your virtual assistant, is one of the fastest methods to unlock an iPhone. It’s fantastic to have Siri on your phone since it’s a responsive, hands-free interface that works well with your voice commands.
However, with iPhones running iOS 8.0 through iOS 10.1, a Siri flaw may be exploited to bypass the passcode lock.
Here are some instructions on how to take advantage of the Siri flaw.

Follow the Steps

1. Turn on your personal assistant’s assistance. To call Siri, either hold down the home button or say, “Hey Siri!”
2. Here’s the most crucial part. If you’d like to know the time, you can ask Siri. Or you may ask, “What time is it in the whole wide world?” To show a world clock on your iPhone’s graphical user interface, Siri uses the iPhone’s search bar.
3. To add a second clock function, click the global clock icon. You may also ask Siri to display anything by clicking the plus or adding a symbol.
4. The new clock feature may be shared through a share button once you’ve selected it.
5. To write a new message, click the share button and select the option to compose a new message. You no longer need to type anything in the “Message” area; simply type something in the “To” field using the virtual keyboard
6. By pressing the plus or adding a symbol, you may ask Siri to establish a new contact for you. You’ll then see a new “Add Contact” interface, where you can type in the name and other information for your new contact.
7. Then a new message, we’d like to use an image from your photo collection this time.
8. Choose “Add Photo” from the list of available options. When making a new contact, selecting “Add Photo” will direct you to the media library interface, where you may choose an image from your photo album. You’ll be able to use Siri to unlock your iPhone this way.
9. It is possible to unlock your iPhone’s home screen using the home button, the return button, or the return key.
10. The unlock screen is a great opportunity to quickly update your password and unlock your iPhone.!


Your not able to access your phone? Doing so might be against the law and jeopardize the privacy and safety of the device’s owner and any other individuals with access to the device.

How To Unlock iPhone Passcode With Computer

The problem is facing that your phone is locked  Because there is no way around the passcode, anyone would be able to circumvent it and just restart the iPhone, which would be counterproductive to the purpose of the password’s protection. Unlocking your iPhone’s password on a computer is a simple process.

METHOD 1. Restore your iPhone by Connecting to iTunes

What is the procedure for unlocking an iPhone using iTunes? i hope you can recover your i phone by using This Method

1. If you have already connected your iPhone with a PC, just connect it to the PC again.
2. Open iTunes and choose your device from the list of available devices.
3. Using the Summary tab, click on Restore iPhone under the Settings section.
4. A confirmation popup will appear when iTunes has finished contacting the iPhone software update server, requesting that you confirm your decision to restore the device. To proceed, click Restore.
5. Wait for the procedure to completed before you do anything else.

METHOD 2 Erase a Disabled iPhone in Recovery Mode

1: You must shut down your iPhone and open iTunes on a PC.
2:When connecting your iPhone to a computer, follow the instructions in the image to enter Recovery Mode.
3: Upon connecting the iPhone software update server, you will be presented with a new window that contains three options. To proceed, select the Restore option.
4: After that, you’ll need to re-establish your confidence. You may do this by clicking the Restore and Update button in the pop-up box. After then, it’s only a matter of waiting for the reward.

Forgot iPhone Passcode Without Restore iPhone 11

Apple’s stated recommendation if you forget your iPhone passcode is to return your phone to factory settings. As a result, many users do not enjoy this procedure, as it is time-consuming and may result in unexpected issues that make the iPhone worse. As a result, here, we’ll teach you how to delete a forgotten iPhone passcode without resetting the device.
Method of regaining access to your iPhone if you’ve forgotten your passcode has its perks and downsides. Many people want a solution to delete a forgotten iPhone password without having to restore their device.
Follow The  Steps
1. If you use iTunes to restore your iPhone, you must first disable Find My iPhone. Many iPhones have to Find My iPhone activated by default, and only a small percentage of users disable it. In the event that you’ve lost your iPhone passcode and are unable to access it, you will not be able to execute a restoration.
2. If you restore your iPhone in recovery mode, the process will be much more time-consuming.  This is not a certainty, but it did occur.

Using iCloud

iCloud’s Find My iPhone function was supposed to help the user locate a lost or stolen iPhone, but it can also be used to delete your phone if you forget your passcode. Aside from deleting anything you’ve put on the phone, Erase iPhone offers nothing to restore or upgrade your iOS version. This is a far more straightforward and secure alternative to the more time-consuming process of restoring an iPhone. Use a gadget that has Internet connectivity.

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1. On any accessible device, sign in to using your Apple ID through a web browser. If you have an iPhone, you should use the same Apple ID that you do on your computer. To find your iPhone, choose the Find iPhone option after logging in.
2.Once you’ve gotten to the Find My iPhone screen, choose your phone and then click Erase iPhone to get rid of everything, even your forgotten passcode.

How To Unlock iPhone Without Passcode or Face id 2022

It’s easy to bypass an iPhone lock by using a specialized tool, like AnyUnlock– iPhone Password Unlocker. The program provides an easy-to-follow technique for unlocking iOS devices in a matter of seconds. The tool may be used in a variety of scenarios, including when the device has been locked after a number of unsuccessful tries or when you’ve forgotten your smartphone’s passcode.
The MDM lock may be bypassed and removed using this tool, as well as Apple ID from iOS devices with a single click. Using this program to fix an iPhone that won’t unlock is simple even if you don’t know much about computers or software.

Below are the steps to unlock iPhone

1. Run AnyUnlock on your computer > Uses a USB cord to connect your iPhone to your computer. Select Unlock Passcode.

2. To download the iOS firmware package, go to the Downloads section and click the Download button. Tap on the Unlock Now button when the firmware has finished downloading to let AnyUnlock unlock your handset
3. Your screen passcode will be deleted successfully after your recovery procedure is complete.

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