How to Purchase an ONIC SIM Online in Pakistan

Purchase an ONIC SIM Online In Pakistan’s dynamic telecommunications sphere, a disruptive force has emerged, promising a revolution in connectivity. ONIC Sim, the cutting-edge digital service, has captured attention with its innovative features, swift customer support, effortless registration process, and offline convenience. This article delves into the exceptional offerings of ONIC Sim, emphasizing its competitive pricing, seamless online purchase process, and diverse service packages designed to meet user needs.

Purchase an ONIC SIM Online

Purchase an ONIC SIM Online

Seeking a hassle-free way to acquire an ONIC SIM in Pakistan? Look no further. With a straightforward process and doorstep delivery, connecting has never been easier.

Step 1:

Start by downloading the user-friendly Onic app or visiting

Step 2:

Upon opening the Onic app or website, sign up using your email ID to create an account.

Step 3:

Choose a plan that suits your needs and preferences.

Step 4:

Decide between a physical SIM card or the modern convenience of an eSIM.

Step 5:

Select from the available numbers or port in your existing one.

Step 6:

Complete your profile and provide the delivery address.

Step 7:

Choose a delivery time slot and proceed with payment to finalize your order.

Upon confirmation, an Onic rider will conduct biometric verification and deliver your SIM to your doorstep.

Step 8:

Insert the SIM into your phone and activate it via the Onic App.

By following these steps, you’ll enjoy seamless connectivity with your newly purchased Onic SIM in Pakistan.

Onic Sim Numbers Type

There are four type of Onic Sim Number,

  • Purple
  • Standard
  • Golden
  • Platinum

Purple Numbers

The purple number of the Onic SIM is priced at Rs 600. This number is also very easy to remember. You need to activate one of the Onic SIM plans to purchase this number. A few numbers are provided below.

Purple Numbers is given here.

Standard Number

Below are some standard numbers provided to you.

Standard number provided here.

Golden Number

Some golden numbers are provided here below.

Golden number provided here.

Platinum Number

Some of the numbers that everyone can remember are provided below.

Platinum number provided here.

Onic Sim Prices

Standard NumberFree
PurpleRs. 600
GoldenRs. 4,500
PlatinumRs. 22,500
Onic sim price is here.

Tips for Purchase an ONIC SIM Online

Tips for Purchase an ONIC SIM Online
  • Inquire about promotional offers before selecting a plan.
  • Set up low balance alerts to prompt timely recharges.
  • Seek clarification on any ambiguous package details.
  • Explore the data add-ons available with your base plan.
  • Verify the KYC documents required beforehand.
  • Purchase during off-peak hours to avoid wait times.


ONIC Sim ushers in a new era in Pakistan’s telecommunication landscape, focused on affordability, innovation and user-centricity. As the network evolves, users can expect better digital connectivity to suit their diverse needs. Watch this space for more updates on ONIC SIM’s journey and its impact on Pakistan’s telecom landscape. Purchase an ONIC SIM Online. And take advantage.

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How do I choose my Onic SIM number?

After logging into the mobile or web application successfully, proceed to choose the type of SIM and then select your new number from the available list. Additionally, you have the freedom to opt for a golden number according to your preference.

How can I activate my Onic SIM card in Pakistan?

Log in to your account in the ONIC application. Select “Activate SIM”. Along with your SIM card number, enter your CNIC last four digits. Select “Activate.”

How do I convert my SIM to Onic?

Download the Onic app and create an account to transfer your current mobile number to Onic. Then select “Port-in” and enter your current mobile number and your current mobile operator.

Is the Onic SIM PTA approved?

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has already clarified on Friday that no new mobile cellular licenses have been issued for Pakistan.

What is the cost of an Onic SIM?

ONIC Sim Price in Pakistan

package NameDataDiscounted Price
BIG DATA30 GBRs. 890
EPIC DATA100 GBRs. 1290
ONIC Sim Price.