STC International Call Packages for Pakistan Code

In this article, we will read about STC International Call Packages as we discuss the importance of staying connected with loved ones across borders in today’s fast-paced world. If you are an STC SIM user in Pakistan, you are in luck! With STC on offer, accessing affordable international call packages has never been easier. However, these offers are exclusive to select Wasel subscribers.

STC International Call Packages Saudi Arabia

Many users have expressed frustration when the *888# offers don’t seem to work on their SIM. It’s important to note that these offers cater specifically to SAWA and prepaid users. From this menu, users can subscribe to various enticing packages, including daily and monthly data plans, local call packages, and international call packages.

Let’s delve into the details of the STC International Call Packages for Pakistan Code:


  • 10GB of internet data
  • 500 local calling minutes
  • International calls to 20 destinations


To activate these packages, simply dial *888# and follow the prompts:

  • Reply with “1” for Sawa 65.
  • Confirm package activation by replying with “1”.

After activation, users can enjoy seamless browsing, video streaming, music, and app downloads.

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STC International Call Packages

STC International Call Packages Daily Pakistan

Daily Call Package: SAR 9 for 75 free minutes to Pakistan. The activation code for the daily call pack to Pakistan is to send (8205 to 900) in the message.

STC International Call Packages Weekly Pakistan

Weekly Call Package: SAR 30 for 250 free minutes to Pakistan. The activation code is very easy for the weekly call pack to Pakistan to send (8255 to 900) in the message

STC International Call Packages Monthly Pakistan

Monthly Call Package: SAR 60 a 500-minute bundle to Pakistan. The activation for the monthly plan is to be sent to (8285 to 900). Upon successful activation, you will get an SMS from STC Sawa, and you can start using this for calling any number in Pakistan.

STC international call package price

PriceCallsInternetSocial MediaValidityActivation Code
SAR 40.2560 Local & 8 Int Min1GB1GB4 WeeksSend 8116 to 900
SAR 74.75120 Local & Int Min4GB4GB4 WeeksSend 7066 to 900
SAR 115300 Local & Int Min10GB20GB4 WeeksSend 7095 to 900
SAR 276600 Local & Int Min80GBUNLIMITED4 WeeksSend 7241 to 900
call package price is here.

Countries List for International Calls

EthiopiaSri Lanka
United Arab EmiratesKUWAIT
United States of AmericaFrance
Countries List for International Calls is here.

Stc international call package code

ActionActivation Code
SubscribeSend 4242 to 900
UnsubscribeSend 4249 to 900
Stc international call package code is here.

Flexible Options for Every Traveler

Explore flexible options designed to cater to the needs of every traveler with STC’s range of roaming packages:

  • SAR 74.75: Enjoy unlimited calls within KSA, along with unlimited incoming calls, valid for 12 hours.
  • SAR 230: Opt for an extended validity of 3 days, ideal for short trips where connectivity is essential.
  • SAR 345: For longer stays, benefit from 1 week of validity to ensure uninterrupted connectivity throughout your journey.

Activating your preferred roaming package is a breeze—simply send the activation code to 900, and you’re all set to stay connected no matter where your travels take you.


In conclusion, STC International Call Packages for Pakistan Code provide unmatched convenience, affordability, and flexibility for global connectivity. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or an expatriate, these packages offer transparent pricing, generous allowances, and easy activation, ensuring seamless communication with loved ones around the world.


How do I activate international call on STC?

To subscribe this package, send SMS (4292 to 900), and this package unsubscribe, send SMS (4298 to 900). Each minute of a call is billed.

How do I subscribe to STC call packages?

You have the option to subscribe to or unsubscribe from any of the packages through the MySTC app or by logging in to MySTC.

How much does international calls charge?

CountryAT&T Basic Rate-MobileSkype-Mobile
call package price.


How do I activate international calls?

Simply dial + OR 009 followed by these codes in this order: Destination country code. Area code.

How do I call international for free?

CallHippo, Skype, DialerHQ, WhatsApp, and Google Voice are among the international calling applications offering affordable solutions for global communication.