Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Stars and Energy)

Scary Teacher 3D is an amazing simulation game that let the users release their stress by playing and pranking the evil teacher. In this game, the users will automatically be transformed into students who have to escape from the evil teacher. This game is best for those players who want to give a lesson to the teacher who bullies students in the school. The evil scary teacher lives in a big creepy house. The players of Scary Teacher 3D make different pranks on the teacher without making noise because if they make noise, the scary teacher will find out and they have to face severe punishment.

There are many kinds of pranks available in the game which users will make on the teacher. All the pranks are different from each other and all of them are hilarious. Scary Teacher 3D is a comedy and hilarious game where the student makes pranks on the teacher but they have to make pranks fastly because if the teacher will find them, she will start chasing them to give them punishment. It is a 3D game where everything looks real and amusing. Three are many rooms in the house, a big kitchen, and also a store room where players will be able to find tools to prank the teacher or hide as well.

NameScary Teacher 3D
PublisherZ & K Games
Size1.12 GB
MOD Info Free Purchase, Unlimited all, No Ads
Latest Versionv6.1.1
Get it OnGoogle Play

Scary Teacher 3D: Time to Scare the Teacher

Scary Teacher 3D Key Features

This cool and hilarious simulation game has many active users because of its gameplay and amazing features. The game is played all over the world and is very popular. The key features of Scary Teacher 3D are explained in detail.

Amazing Graphics

The graphics of the game are very well-designed that give a completely enjoyable vibe. The graphics used in Scary Teacher 3D doesn’t look realistic but they are 3D which created a powerful impact on the players. The colors, themes, and characters are uniquely designed and look bright.

Mysterious Mode

Scary Teacher 3D is a wonderful game that opens ups with mysteries in every direction the players move. There are almost 15 rooms in the creepy house and each room is big and has a mystery hiding somewhere that only players will be able to solve. The game is creepy yet interesting and players will have a lot of fun. But the players also have to make sure to complete all the tasks on time because the teacher if they didn’t the teacher will find them and punish them.

Unique Levels

The time you start to play the game, it will become more fun and interesting for you. The players will see new ways of interacting with the scary teacher every time they make pranks. All of them are unique from the previous which makes the players completely involved in the game. The players of Scary Teacher 3D will meet new challenges and mysterious puzzles every time they play.

Numerous Pransk Access

There are many kinds of pranks available in Scary Teacher 3D that users will be able to use to give a lesson to the scary high school teacher. The players will make the water bath of the teacher sticky by adding lots of glue, arrange a pop-up birthday cake that will pop up on the face of the teacher, lock her in the room, and many more exciting and hilarious pranks. After making these pranks, the players have to run and hide somewhere to protect themselves from the teacher.


Is it safe to play Scary Teacher 3D?

Absolutely, the game is completely safe and secure to play.

Can I download this game on Andriod?

The users of Andriod devices will be able to download this game easily without any struggle.

Can I download this game for free?

Sure, you will be able to download this game completely free. You don’t have to pay even a single penny to use this game.

What is the latest on Scary Teacher 3D?

The latest version of Scary Teacher 3D is v6.1.1.

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