Tap Tap Breaking Mod APK (Unlimited Coins and Diamonds)

Tap Tap Breaking APK is a macho and entertaining clicker game, given the opportunity to spend a lot of time attempting to outpace your opponent. The basic goal of the game is to break the subject that has been provided to you as many times as you can in a set amount of time. You may display your karate prowess in the game Tap Tap Breaking. ODAAT Studio created this game, which has received over a million downloads on the Google Play Store.

You will attempt to shatter all kinds of stuff in Tap Tap Breaking. Furthermore, this game is sheer enjoyment, ranging from the most typical and simple ones like wood and bricks to crazy ones like diamonds, the moon, and the sun. The visuals will bring to mind anime series with equally expressive characters. The environments and the objects you’ll break are both nicely animated. In general, the game lets you highlight your advantages.

App NameTap Tap Breaking
PublisherODAAT studio
Mod InfoUnlimited Coins and Diamonds
Get it OnGoogle Play

Tap Tap Breaking Game Screen Shots

Tap Tap Breaking APK Features

Tap Tap Breaking has amazing features which are given below.

There Are Many Things To Do

Starting with thin boards, Tap Tap Breaking may be practiced in training mode. As you shatter more wood and develop your power, you’ll be able to access more items. Rocks, dragon balls, a mountain of rocks, the sun, and even planets might all be found.

Break the Stuff With Style

In the game, you must select your own approach and techniques for destroying various things and items of various categories. You may develop a distinctive approach to hunt down and smash items using a number of settings. To assure difficulty, start with a small number of thin sheets. Then, to test your strength and health, you get to shatter a variety of objects, like mountains, rocks, wood, and bricks.

Simple and Intuitive Touch Controls

Consecutive object breaking is provided by Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK. Simply touching the displays will cause the items to shatter. Little effort is needed. The use of touch controls, where you tap and strike to smash items, is entirely dependent.

Manageable to Play

The game’s basic control scheme gives you the ability to complete your goal swiftly at first glance. However, the game makes you anxious as you participate in the many shattering experiences. You advance to higher levels by developing your physical strength via constant practice and becoming an expert at breaking items in various ways.

Multiple Modes to Explore

Players of Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK get access to a wide range of gaming options and settings that offer sophisticated features. Select from a variety to experiment with your own style. Training mode: The gameplay includes a breaking practice level that starts with little objects. To increase the level of difficulty in gaming, start with a sheet or a block and gradually increase.

Upgrade Your Character

Tap Tap breaking should be practiced if you want to improve your game experience. Strength, recovery speed per second, and health are all included in the section for character upgrades. These things are breakable and closely related to one another. The character can only make a limited number of assaults before suffering serious injuries that take some time to recover. If the speed of healing is accelerated without compromising his health, the character will swiftly relapse into the identical circumstance.


Although the primary goal of the game is to smash your objects, you will encounter various things that need to be brought down. Additionally, the game presents you with a variety of tasks in a variety of settings, which makes it more fun to play.


As you encounter other items that are increasingly challenging to smash, you will be astounded by the degree of rivalry in the game. Additionally, as you move up the ladder, each challenge’s upper bound gets smaller, requiring greater power and skill. As you attempt to set a new world record, keep in mind that you will be competing against the clock.


The shading and drawing tools provided by the program encourage gamers to take on new tasks. The removal of obstacles in the game via 3D technology enables players to do their duties more quickly.

Game modes

There are 3 game modes in the app Tap Tap Breaking. You may practice your karate chops in the training mode, which is the default one. The challenge mode requires you to accomplish a number of stages. The level of difficulty rises as you go, which will be really challenging for you. The Golden Bar is a time trial that requires you to complete cutting everything within the allotted time.


What kind of app is TapTap?

TapTap is a resource for discovering new games, including forthcoming titles and undiscovered gems, as well as gaming-related information like reviews, how-tos, and forums.

Is Tap Tap breaking free?

Yes, you can get this game for free by clicking the download button.

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Taptap Send protects your money and data with cutting-edge, bank-level security and encryption technology.

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