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Self-Enumeration App Pakistan is a direct way for Pakistani citizens to complete their population count from the comforts of home. This strategy is user-friendly and allows users to register both themselves and their family members by using the Self Enumeration platform Pakistan. It denotes an innovation process in Pakistan, being the first of its kind in the country’s background, and it is accessible both as a website and as an app. Furthermore, it is a novel concept that offers every Pakistani citizen the chance to include themselves in the ongoing 7th Digital Census by going to

Self-Enumeration App Pakistan for Android

Similar to a census, the self-Enumeration idea is carried out in every home. Each member of that home or family who is residing there and sharing a meal as a unit can register both himself and the rest of his family or household. So, it is a highly practical approach for every household member to register himself or herself and all of his family members.

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics has launched the Self Enumeration App, an innovative solution that allows citizens of Pakistan to take part in the 7th digital census from the comfort of their homes. The software is now readily accessible to Android users on the Google Play Store, making it simple for anyone to download and use.

Self-Enumeration Portal Pakistan

App Name Self-Enumeration App
Version Latest Version
Size 13MB
Category Census
Updated on One day ago

Self-Enumeration Census

It is simple to submit household information for the 7th Population and Housing Census using the Self Enumeration site App. After completing this milestone, Pakistan will become the first country in South Asia to provide the facility of a self-enumeration App”. Dr. Naeem uz Zafar, the chief census commissioner, evaluated the attendees at the ceremony. On the official website, this App is accessible. Additionally, this App is accessible on the official website.

Benefits of Self-Enumeration Application

Self Enumeration offers Several Advantages and is Essential for Every native of Pakistan. There are several reasons listed below.

  • All Development Fund Forms from the Pakistani government will be supplied in accordance with your data.
  • It will be released by the Pakistani government’s budget for hospitals, schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Government jobs will be distributed based on the information you provide.
  • According to Your Details, All Development Funds Form Government of Pakistan would be provided.
  • Health facilities, schools, colleges, and universities will get the budget from the Pakistani government.
  • Government jobs will be distributed based on the information you provide.

Features of Self-Enumeration Web App

●     Easy to Use

The website is designed to be simple to use and intuitive. Its simple and easy-to-use App makes it straightforward for everyone to participate in the digital census. The software walks users through the process of registering their personal information and that of their families step-by-step.

●     Create an Account and Start Using

Citizens may easily establish an account to utilize the app by entering their name, age, gender, and contact information. The next step is for them to register their families by providing details about them, including names, ages, and genders. The software makes it simple for people who need to finish the census over the course of several sittings by allowing users to store their progress and come back to it later.

●     Fast and Smooth Experience

The app’s effective programming and user-friendly design provide a quick and seamless experience. The census is simple and easy to perform, taking only a few minutes. Also, the app enables users to securely submit their data, protecting the privacy and security of their personal data.

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How to use Self Enumeration App?

There are Five Steps of using the Self Enumeration app.

  1. Registration
  • You must create an account and register yourself.
  • Go to in a new window.
  • On the Register or Sign Up button, click.
  • Complete the registration form by filling it out. When submitting your registration form, provide accurate information.
  • Either choose Your Home Place or Your Geo-Location.
  1. Login
  • Create a username and password for login after registration.
  1. Question Answer Details
  • Answer all questions, including those about your family, your home, and your neighborhood.
  1. Review Information
  • Verify that the information you provided is accurate before submitting. If It requires some change you can edit it.
  1. UTN Number Issued
  • You’ll receive a UTN number on your registered mobile number after submitting your census form successfully.

How to Download Self-Enumeration APK?

  • Locate the APK download button.
  • The download link may be found on the following page by clicking it.
  • Clicking the Download APK (12.27 MB) button will take some time because the file is 12.27 MB in size for your device.
  • Install APK after enabling “Unknown Sources”.
  • You may now use the app by opening it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I download this app?

Ans: You can easily download it by clicking the above download button.

Q: Is this Self-Enumeration app free?

Ans: This app is totally free and all features are available in the latest version for free.

Q: Is this app safe and secure?

Ans: There is no need to worry about security because it is safe to use and download.


In conclusion, For Pakistani individuals who wish to take part in the 7th digital census from the comfort of their homes, Self-Enumeration App Pakistan is a great option. Anybody who wishes to contribute to the growth of the nation should strongly consider using it due to its user-friendly design, straightforward registration process, and quick and seamless experience. Download the app now to take part in this groundbreaking endeavor.