Tivimate Premium APK for Android TV Download

Tivimate Premium APK is an Android application that enables you to watch TV on your android device. You may personalize the channels, movies, and games on this app thanks to its straightforward and user-friendly layout. Anybody who wants to keep up with their favorite TV shows when away from home or the office must have TiviMate Premium Mod APK. Users of the Android app Intimate can access their preferred TV channels and shows. The app also includes a special feature that allows you to plan your favorite TV shows so that they will be ready when you need them.

Tivimate Premium APK Cracked

Tivimate Premium APK is made for every smartphone, which you may use to watch any IPTV channels or movies. Because IPTV is comparatively easier to use than a cable system and uses internet protocol to access media channels and movies, it is growing in popularity. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to choose any TV channels and olives that aren’t offered by your typical cabling type thanks to the connection’s improved security and sophistication. Even while these services are only available to owners of smart LCD TVs, you may use emulator apps like the Tubemate MOD app that functions well on any smartphone. It’s pretty simple to utilize this software because many people these days have developed the habit of streaming movies and TV shows on their cell phones.

Tivimate Mod 3.6.0 APK

You need an LCD TV even to access IPTV channels, but this app acts as an emulator and functions fairly well on smartphones. You only need one click to access any content. Choose either the country or the international channel you want to stream. Often, movie streaming providers do not typically have access to a large number of TV programs and drama series in foreign languages. All of these things are also available for free viewing on the Tivimate MOD 3.6.0 APK. The developers create the modded version after taking the specific user requests into account and further optimizing it.

Additionally, the Tivimate modified APK also comes in paid versions that provide you more access to the TV stations. Here, your connection will be made over IP rather than a traditional wiring system. People are continuously looking for new and exciting things since we all appreciate intriguing and novel entertainment. The kind of program you will like the most is Tivimate cracked APK. since there is no monthly subscription and you may stream any kind of TV channel through it, whether it be local or international.

TiviMate Premium v4.7.0 APK Download

App Name Tivimate Premium APK
Version v4.7.0
Size 10M
Category Video Player and Editor
Requirement Android 5 and up
Updated on One day ago

TiviMate Mod APK for Android TV Feature

This Android app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store. If you’re looking to save money, it will let you stream HD TV episodes and movies without having to pay a monthly subscription cost. This program contains countless features. After learning about the amazing capabilities of this application, you will be astounded. The useful features of Tivimate Premium APK that will be of great assistance to you are listed below. Read the features of the app before downloading it.

  TiviMate Great User Interface

You already know how satisfying it is to stream movies and TV episodes over the internet if you have utilized IPTV on your LCD TV. But in this application, developers are also in charge of the same kind of user interface. Using the same user interface as the larger TV screen, you can now stream, pause, and restart any TV station or movie. So, you will have the opportunity to immediately stream any TV show, movie, or other content that you choose. The user-friendly interface of the Tivimate Premium MOD APK application makes managing movies and TV shows reasonably simple.

Small in Size

One of the top amazing features of the Tivimate IPTV Player is its smaller size. On the Google Play Store list, there is a tonne of IPTV apps, however, most of them provide their services while taking up most of the smartphone’s local storage.

 Schedule TV Series

Also, TiviMate Pro APk gives you the choice to plan your preferred TV shows so you won’t forget about them. Simply select the episode, schedule a time and date to watch it, and you’re ready to go. The app will let you know when to watch your preferred TV shows. If you have a hectic schedule and want to be sure they won’t miss any of your favorite shows, this function is fantastic.

  Syncing IPV To Android Phones

You are better than anyone at using this application if you have utilized IPTV on your LCD TV. While installing it, you may always sync your settings with this application. The sync tool is quite important and will assist you in synchronizing anything, including movies, TV shows, and other media. You may view the previous channels, films, and TV series you watched when you log in to your account. This feature is free, there is no need to pay extra money for a subscription.


Whether you accept it or not, you have the choice to customize the application whatever you want, and it functions flawlessly. Customers can get the same enjoyment from using the Tivimate Premium APK as they would from using the IPTV service on a large LED TV. Furthermore, you can change the TV channels’ sizes, colors, fonts, and positions whatever you like. To enhance your viewing experience even further, you can add some special instructions like pinching or sliding.

  Support multiple playlists

You can create a lengthy list of your favorite shows using a function in TiviMate as well. Using these episodes, you may make a variety of playlists to make it simple to find them later. Without affecting the other films in your library, you can add or remove TV shows from your playlist. So, it will be simple to organize and manage your collection this way.

 Stream TV Shows in HD Quality

One of the greatest features that this app offers is the ability to stream TV shows in HD quality. This software is ideal for you if you don’t have time to watch these episodes at specified times because it will make sure that they are saved in your library and constantly available.

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How to Download TiviMate Premium for Free?

The following steps may be used to download the TiviMate premium app

  1. Visit the official website’s main page.
  2. Enter “TiviMate” into the search box.
  3. Choose Download after finding the application in the results list.
  4. To download TiviMate onto your device, press Accept if you are prompted for permission.
  5. After downloading, run the installation process.
  6. Following that, you can launch the application and take in the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is TiviMate an android?

Ans: This app you to watch live TV channels from your IPTV provider on a range of Android devices, including phones, tablets, etc.

Q: How long does it take to download TiviMate MOD APK?

Ans: If the original developer releases new updates or versions, TiviMate will be available.

Q: Is it risky to download and install this application?

Ans: There is no danger from malware or other security issues, even if you obtain TiviMate from unofficial sources.


Everyone who wants to stream episodes of their favorite TV shows should use TiviMate MOD APK. With the help of a single straightforward app, you can now watch your favorite show when you’re on the road. It is reasonable to say that this app will alter how you watch TV on your Android device and how you interact with it.